by Andrea Kaderlik

Cam Luong

Project Manager, APPRO Development, Inc.

APPRO and CERRON helps businesses find and/or create great commercial spaces - what about that do you appreciate most?
It's a one stop shop. CERRON helps our clients find spaces and APPRO provides our clients an estimate for the build-out.

What makes our team unique?
We are an open book General Contractor. We disclose our subcontractors' bids to our clients - you don't see many, if any, General Contractors out there willing to disclose this information.

What do you do outside of the office for fun?
I enjoy golfing, attending the kids' sporting events, downhill skiing, and reading a good book.
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What is your favorite quote?
“Do not follow a path where it may lead, but instead create your own path, so others may follow."

What is your favorite sport (to cheer on or to play)?

Cam has been a longtime APPRO team member, originally starting with our team in 2004. He is hard working, detailed, and has a sense of humor that keeps our group on our toes. Cam is respected  for his expertise and strong work ethic by our team internally, as well as by the subcontractors, vendors, and owners with whom he interacts on a daily basis.

As a vendor or subcontractor, you will work with Cam on commercial or industrial construction projects from initial inception to final completion during bid, construction and final completion phases. As a building owner, landlord, or property tenant, you will work with Cam during all phases of construction, as he expertly manages the entire process to your satisfaction - striving to not only meet, but to exceed your expectations.

Cam cares deeply about his family, has a zest for all that life offers, and is a valued member of our APPRO and CERRON Commercial Property Solutions Team!

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