Finance Resources for Commercial & Industrial Construction

Finance resources are an important component of your property solutions project and the more information you have upfront, the more smoothly things will go!

APPRO Development provides access to valuable information that your company can use while planning and projecting the cost of your new commercial building project. We have pulled together a few resources that you may find helpful when creating a business plan for your new project, preparing to meet with a lender or beginning the financial planning process.

Business Operations

Does your company have an established Business Plan? Many bank lenders and investors will require an established business plan to move ahead with development. If you need help creating a business plan, check out a great business plan template created by the SBA (Small Business Administration). There are many great resources available while creating a business plan, we like the Small Business Administration Website as one of a few top trusted finance resources, it is full of great resources and tips to help you cover your bases and get started.

Lender Meeting

There are a few items that you will want to be sure you bring with you when meeting with a Lender. First, you will want to be sure that you have completed your business plan. Secondly you will want to be sure that you have prepared all necessary background information on your company (history, products, website information, etc).

You will also want to bring your company’s financial information. For new businesses, Lenders typically require estimated start-up costs, projected balance and income sheets and cash flow statements. For existing businesses, you may need up to three years of balance sheets and income statements as well as a 12 month history of cash flow.

You will also want to be sure that you have gathered all preliminary information before you meet with a lender, as it is helpful to have everything together for easy reference during your meeting.

Download a Finance Checklist