by Andrea Kaderlik

Jada Bobeldyk

APPRO Development, Architectural Design Intern

APPRO and CERRON help businesses find and/or create great spaces - what do you find interesting about these services?

I find that the most interesting aspect of these services is how closely they communicate with their clients. Whenever someone brings up a project or a prospect they always mention the client, not just the building. I enjoy this aspect of the company as it serves as a good reminder of how the clients are what make this company great and that the true purpose of the building is for the people interacting with it.

What have you learned from the APPRO and CERRON team so far? 

I’ve learned the inner workings of how the sister companies have become so successful. Being side-by-side a licensed architect has guided me beyond a university level. I’m seeing detailed floor plans and working on a program that’s not taught in my undergraduate program. The team has pushed me to be confident in my creativity and problem-solving skills which will become great building blocks for me as I continue my passion for architecture.

What have you enjoyed most about your time with our team?
The people. From the moment I stepped into my interview and every day afterwards I have felt welcomed. Everyone is kind and driven---devoted to getting their work done but also balances the social atmosphere within the office. I have a passion for architecture and creativity and through the people I have met, it’s only grown due to the immense support I’ve had working with the team.
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What do you do for fun - hobbies, activities, etc.?

For fun, I love being active mostly through weight lifting and going outside whenever I get the chance. I’m a bookworm that can easily get addicted to a series when I’m not busy with school. I also love creative work whether that be sketching, painting, or crafts. Although overall, I love to learn. Commonly I do this through self-improvement books or autobiographies/biographies of inspirational people but I also love learning from others via videos, articles, and speaking to others who are passionate about various subjects.

What is your favorite quote? 
    “When you’re positive in a negative situation, you win” -Anonymous

    What are your future plans and hopes - after college, and beyond? 

    I value integrity and sincerity so highly in others - so when someone mentions them about me - I really appreciate the compliment.

    My future plans and hopes after college is to pursue a masters to then become a licensed architect in Minnesota. Beyond that I want to work for a firm, start a family, and pursue hobbies that I’ve always dreamt of but never gotten around to doing (i.e. learning a new language, how to sew, and anything else that fuels my love for learning). However, beyond college I don’t have any set plans as I just look forward to seeing what opportunities arise; as cliché and simple as it is, all I want out of life is to be content and happy.

    Jada Bobeldyk is a very talented up-and-coming professional with her sights set on a career in architecture. She is bright, skilled, and a valued member of our design-build team. We are grateful to have her join us for an internship during the summer of 2023, as she brings a willingness to learn and a desire to contribute to the daily tasks we work through to provide expert-level customer service in the weeks and months ahead!

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