by Andrea Kaderlik

Jim Connelly

Designer, Project Manager, Co-Owner, APPRO Development

Describe your role with APPRO & CERRON in ten to fifteen words or less.
Problem solver, creating solutions through design or construction to solve clients' needs.

What inspires and/or motivates you in what you do with APPRO & CERRON?
The final result. Helping to shape the outcome of a project.

What do you do outside of the office for fun?
Spend time outdoors with my family.

What is your favorite sport (to cheer on or to play)?
Whatever sport my kids are participating in. It's much more interesting to me to watch a sporting event when there is a personal connection.

Jim is a an APPRO co-owner and has been a part of the APPRO team since 1996. He is an excellent leader, designer, and project manager. Additionally, Jim works with our team, leading us as we embrace the "Lean" principles throughout our organization. As a business owner you will meet Jim during the initial planning and design phases of a commercial construction project. As a subcontractor, you will meet Jim on projects he either manages or oversees in his design role. One of the things our team especially appreciates about Jim is that he has a great sense of humor, and has been known to pull a prank or two in his on your toes is all I can say!

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