APPRO Development, Inc is ISNetworld Compliant!

APPRO Development, Inc. is ISNetworld compliant! What does ISNetworld Compliance mean and why is that important to you? To be ISNetworld compliant means that our company’s safety documents were reviewed and met the requirements mandated by ISNetworld thus achieving a grade of “B” or better.

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APPRO is proud to be ISNetworld compliant and to share some of the details of this rigorous program with you!

Maybe you are wondering what kind of safety items ISNetworld reviews to determine if a company can become ISNetworld compliant. It should be noted that any client of ISNetworld will have their own grading structure, but there are some main items that will affect your grade.

ISNetworld memberCeLogo_small.png(1) ISNetworld looks for any OSHA recordable incidents and if there is one, it will adversely affect your grade for three years following the incident.

(2) An insurance certificate demonstrating minimum coverage requirements must be provided to ISNetworld.

(3) Safety programs (also called RAVS) that outline the company’s various safety procedures will need to be uploaded and questions answered with regard to these programs on the ISNetworld website.

(4) There are about 1,000 different questions to be answered by the company on the website. The clients using ISNetworld will look at a select number of these questions and check their accuracy.

(5) ISNetworld will also check for any workman’s compensation claims to ensure your EMR rating is good.

(6) Lastly, ISNetworld investigates whether or not the company has had any federal citations in the last 3 years.

A lot of work and diligence goes into gaining and maintaining ISNetworld compliance. Thus, it is clear to see that achieving this compliance demonstrates that APPRO Development, Inc. deems safety to be of the utmost importance and our team can be counted on to make sure it’s workers make safety a priority and strictly adhere to OSHA rules.

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