Commercial Building Maintenance: Roofing

How to take care of your commercial building’s roof:

Commercial building maintenance of your roof is an extremely important part of your commercial or industrial building’s routine maintenance schedule. 

As a building owner or facilities manager, you know the importance of keeping your building consistently maintained. This is especially true of roof maintenance which can cause a lot of headaches if maintenance is not made a priority. According to our friends over at B.L. Dalsin Roofing, “All roofs are vulnerable to deficiencies that can lead to leaks. Extreme weather like heavy snow and seasonal freeze-thaw cycles can damage your roof.”  The team at APPRO Development speaks with building owners all the time who have questions about their roofs. This article covers the basics of roof maintenance. 

As we head into fall, now is the ideal time to inspect your building’s roof system. Here are two things you or your property/facility manager can do to be proactive in the maintenance of your roof:

Step 1.  Clean debris (leaves, cottonseed, etc)  from around roof drains to allow free flow of water off roof

Step 2.  Consider placing salt lick blocks on squares of ½ inch plywood near roof drains to encourage flow / minimize icing (during winter months)

Step 3.  Consider hiring a professional roofing company to assist with additional maintenance items

Each of these maintenance activities is important in the life of not just your roof, but the life of your building. By maintaining your roof, you will be able to avoid pooling of water on your roof, which can lead to more serious issues in your building. 

Additional services can be performed on your roof to include: a full roof inspection or cleaning debris out of hard to reach areas like interior drains and through-wall scuppers. If you should require these or other additional roof maintenance services, please contact our team for more information. 

Performing annual maintenance protects your roofing investment, and whether you do it yourself or hire it out, it is important that it gets done! 

Download our Commercial Property Maintenance Tips Sheet for some more ideas on keeping your commercial or industrial building well maintained.