Energy efficient replacement equipment for your commercial building

Remodeling your commercial building or looking to replace tired or worn out heating and cooling equipment within your building? Sustainable building or Green Building practices can be interjected into your existing facility by upgrading mechanical and electrical equipment in need of replacement. Make sure energy efficiency is at the top of your list. Many rebates from local utility providers in Minnesota exist and those rebates are sometimes doubled up by rebates that the federal government currently have in place. A great source of information can be obtained from Xcel Energy at the following link: the site goes into detail regarding what type of equipment to purchase and what that equipment does for you.

We’ve seen instances where it is more cost effective to buy equipment with higher energy ratings because the rebates available make this equipment less expensive than standard efficiency models that are available.

Have more extensive needs or questions? Xcel Energy also provides a free one hour seminar to enlighten you and your company on the available options click here:

These rebates are not limited to just Xcel energy. Your local cooperative power company may also be participating in a rebate program for replacement of inefficient lighting or mechanical equipment.

Not sure where to start or how this might apply to you contact APPRO Development to find out why might be a great time to upgrade that existing equipment.