Finding the Right Commercial Building for your Small Business

Searching for the right commercial building for your business can be daunting

Searching for the Right Commercial BuildingFinding the right commercial building for your business is the key! We recently read an article about the importance of finding the right building for your business. Although this article is focused on office space, the overall message is important for any property type.

According to David Varner, “Things like amenities, column spacing, ratios for egress and plumbing fixtures, and even the quantity of outside air supply can shape good choices for the office-hunting process. The older building stock in desirable urban center areas isn’t always perfectly aligned with contemporary tenant design strategies. This is where the true opportunity is, because unique challenges lead to unique design solutions.”

This is where the team at APPRO and CERRON can help. CERRON can help you to search for that “diamond in the rough” and APPRO can help to design the space to meet your needs!

You may read the full article here: “Finding the Right Building is Key” to learn more about conducting a commercial real estate search to identify the best solution for you and your business.

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