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General Contractor MN – APPRO Development shares News You Can Use!

The team at APPRO and CERRON would like to share with you helpful information about trends in construction, design, architecture, project management and all things commercial or industrial property solutions. This week we share a few articles that have been in the news related to Angel Tax Credits, the Lean process in construction, and economic development throughout the state of Minnesota.

The following articles may be helpful as you investigate property solutions for your Minnesota business.


Financing Options

According to the MN State DEED office, the following is a definition of “Angel Tax Credits”:

“Minnesota’s Angel Tax Credit provides a 25-percent credit to investors or investment funds that put money into startup companies focused on high technology, new proprietary technology, or a new proprietary product, process or service in specified fields. The maximum credit is $125,000 per person, per year ($250,000 if filing jointly). The credit is refundable. Residents of other states and foreign countries are eligible.” As we work with a wide variety of business owners and industry types, we thought this may be of interest to some of our readers as there has been a little bit of buzz in the news about the topic.

 MN Angel Tax Credit A summary of the availability of the Angel Tax Credit from the MN DEED office

Potential Amendment to Angel Tax Credit An update on the Angel Tax Credit


Construction Trends

Lean and mean: How to ‘maximize value and minimize waste’ with Lean Construction This is a great article found on April 19, 2016 of the Construction Dive publication on the use of Lean principles in commercial and industrial construction. The team at APPRO and CERRON have used the Lean methodology in our construction and business practice for many years. You may also be interested in learning more about the basics of Lean on our website by clicking HERE.


Development in the News

Twin Cities Business Magazine has focused several articles on the the local Twin Cities metro area and discussed the importance of not only bringing in new businesses from outside of the metro area, but helping to retain the existing businesses and working with them to expand their business in place. Our team has been able to work with many companies recently to do that very thing! Menasha, BTD, and Mendell, among others have decided to stay local and construct expansions to their existing buildings.


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