How to Make a Good First Impression when Selling or Leasing Commercial Property

When showing your property, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Here are some suggestions to increase the desirability of your property to potential buyers & tenants, and help you sell or lease at the best price, in the least amount of time.

Curb Appeal is Essential

A buyer’s first impression is formed by viewing the outside of your property. A mowed lawn and a well maintained landscape all help create a good first impression.

Inspect the exterior of your property starting with the entrance. Buyers are usually waiting in the entry while the door is being opened and have plenty time to make an assessment of the overall upkeep of a building.

Neatness Counts

Vacuum the carpet if it hasn’t been done recently, clean windows, clean restrooms, pick up any trash and remove any items left behind by previous tenant.

If it’s Broken, Fix it

Repair such as a loose door knob, dripping faucet or leaking overhead door seals all detract from the property’s value.

Small Additions Make a Big Impression

With minimal expense, you can improve the appearance of any property. Consider replacing worn carpet; add a fresh coat of paint and sealcoat parking lot.

In a competitive market these improvements can be the deciding factor to a Buyer.