LED Lighting in Commercial and Industrial Buildings

The APPRO team has some exciting information to share with our readers. New options for LED lighting are available to the commercial and industrial market. In an effort to assist our clients with lighting selections for office and warehouse spaces, we have installed a variety of different options available throughout our office. The following is a summary of the new lighting available, applicable energy rebates, and information about this manufacturer.

In this blog article, you will learn about:

  • Lighting types
  • Resources for installation
  • Resources for rebates
  • Local company providing a variety of lighting types

LED Lighting-1-159438-edited.jpgHIGHBAY LED LIGHTING

This is the new 200 watt HighBay LED Light for warehousing, factory, retail stores with 16’ ceiling heights or higher, or garage space.

HighBay Lighting:

· Very efficient versus Fluorescent or Mercury Halide HighBay

· Brighter and cleaner light for any work including retail space

· Reliable with a 5-year warranty, all fixtures are fully UL approved and DLC 4.0 or higher tested for efficiency

· Most workers prefer 4,000k Color Temperature (White) versus older (Yellow) lighting; people are more productive with a whiter light and can see better

· Installations are quick and only require a receptacle to plug into or can be hardwired

· Fixtures include an acrylic hood for diffusion and a Motion sensor to automatically turn lights off when not present further reducing energy costs (Motion Sensor can also be used as a daylight sensor for security lighting).

ENERGY REBATES FOR LIGHTING: Local Xcel Energy offers Rebates for each 200 watt HighBay installation, local utilities around the country may have a different rebate program. A local manufacturer, ThinLight, will work with the local utilities to support the rebate program which includes verification testing, installation and documentation.

THINLIGHT WARRANTY: ThinLight Warranty Program is a 5-year warranty and is a replacement warranty, meaning that if any light is defective within the warranty period they will replace the fixture. The defective fixture is to be returned to ThinLight so they may determine issue and work toward zero defects.

Information on down lighting and troffer lighting available upon request.

About ThinLight Technologies:

ThinLight Technologies has over 7 years of LED Light experience and many of their manufactured LED Lights are installed at some of the largest retailers and corporations in the USA and Canada including: Apple Computer, Verizon Wireless, Home Depot, The US Bank / Vikings Stadium, Wells Fargo Banks, Casinos and signage to illuminate logos at Corporate Headquarters.

Request more information, or schedule a tour of our office to view available options, or to inquire about options for your building.


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