Minnesota—the place to do business and still have other things to do!

Minnesota is land of 10,000 lakes (actually 11,842 over 10 acres), elongated “o’s”, and notoriously cold winters but was recently was praised for yes, a great place to do business. Minnesota has more Fortune 500 companies per capita. These innovative businesses are not only home grown like 3M and Medtronic, but also home to several international companies who have decided to locate here as well. Minnesota invests in education, has a high work ethic, a diverse business base and strong transportation infrastructure such as the Mississippi River, 23 rail lines, 2 international airports, and a highway system linking either coast. Read more by clicking this link

The other reason people like it here are our high quality of life. From the Broadway theater productions in downtown Minneapolis to Voyageurs National Park you can always find something to do and still breathe the air.

Minneapolis Skyline