Commercial Lending Rates remain low - APPRO and CERRON share


SBA 504 Rates Remain Low

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Word on the street is that the SBA 504 lending rates continue to remain low. As of this week of December 13, 2021, the published SBA 504 rates for loans funding in December are:

  • 25-year term – 3.026%
  • 20-year term – 2.880%

And, for 504 SBA refinance projects funding in December:

  • 25-year term – 3.040%
  • 20-year term – 2.894%

(Please keep in mind, neither APPRO nor CERRON is a lender and these rates referenced are per a recent publication by a colleague at AMPLIO, where you may obtain more information and details for eligibility, up to date rates, etc.)

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