Top Ten Reasons to Work with a Buyer’s Agent

1. The buyers commissions are paid by the seller

2. Buyer’s agent has resources to assist you in your search. MNCAR (commercial listing data base available to agents only), Networking with fellow agents, receiving information on new listings prior to them hitting the market and faster than you’ll find on your own. Let a Buyer’s agent do the leg work for you!

3. Buyer’s agent will assist you in selection process by providing information on each property; utilities, zoning, taxes and current market conditions.

4. Buyer’s agent can show you properties and make suggestions that will make the property more suitable for your use. (Build-out or modification of current plan) Two eyes are better than one…a buyer’s agent can point our potential problems or other defects that you might not have noticed.

5. Buyer’s agent will help you negotiate. Several factors to consider, price, financing terms, possession, inspection, post inspection repairs and terms of Due Diligence period

6. Buyer’s agent will help you understand ALL of your financing options and refer you to qualified lenders who are honest, reputable and have current market knowledge

7. Buyer’s agent can help you through the Due Diligence Period providing referrals to inspectors, surveyor, contractors, and help negotiate any problems that may arise

8. Buyer’s agent will refer you to a title company that will do a thorough title search and provide insurance against any future claims once you take ownership

9. Buyer’s agent will help coordinate the closing to make sure everything flows together making a smooth transaction

10. Buyer’s agent can help you with current market updates on the property that you purchase