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APPRO and CERRON Review: Express Employment Professionals


Express Employment Professionals Testimonial

By Glenn Starfield

APPRO and CERRON Review:  My most recent project with APPRO and CERRON started as a result of an existing lease in Lakeville coming to an end, and a need for more space in an ideal location. Having worked with Bruce (Rydeen) on our Savage location in the past, I chose to work with him again on this project. Bruce has always kept options in front of me as they would come up, and I appreciate our relationship over the years.


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So, I started working with Bruce a second time. Once we identified the ideal location for our Lakeville office, the APPRO and CERRON team worked well together to help bring my ideas and drawings I drew on a whiteboard…to life. They took my vision and made it a reality…from design, through construction, to final completion. The team helped us to find an affordable way to address our need to be able to grow and expand in a location where we needed to be. It was simply the right building in the right location within the right budget.

“They took my vision and made it a reality.”

I chose APPRO for the design and construction project, because in my opinion, they were the only option. When we started the remodel project, I was just as excited for the APPRO sign to go up, as I was for our own sign to go up – I guess you could call it local pride. Having known Jack (Matasosky) and his team for years, I had no doubt they would take good care of me throughout this process.

APPRO and CERRON Review - Express Employment Professionals Lakeville Exterior Office

I enjoyed working with the entire team, and especially appreciated having a project manager (Gordy Schiltz) to work with who exhibited grace under pressure, as he and the design team addressed the challenges of taking a former restaurant building and turning it into our perfect office space in Lakeville. Gordy has the ability to oversee the project, keeping it on track – being tough where he needs to be, while remaining calm in the face of any challenge along the way. Gordy and the APPRO & CERRON team provided excellent customer service, always putting me at ease.


About Glenn Starfield and Express Employment Professionals:

Starfield is the owner of Express Employment Professionals, a thriving multi-office enterprise that employs 16 people and includes offices in Lakeville, Savage and Minneapolis. You may learn more about their team at

About this local Lakeville commercial remodel project:

This project took a former vacant restaurant and transformed it into a professional office space with main floor offices and lower level storage on a site which has the ability to accommodate future expansion. More detailed information about this project may be found by clicking on the project link HERE.


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