Receiverships Property Management Services

CERRON Commercial Properties has the ability to serve in the role of court appointed Receiver (under receiverships) and we are able to provide property management services for properties that are in the foreclosure process.

In our role as a court appointed Receiver, CERRON acts on behalf of the court and the financial institution ensuring that the properties are maintained in the best possible condition – physically and fiscally.

CERRON Commercial Properties offers a variety of Receivership Property Management Services, including:

  • Possession and preservation of the property as a fiduciary of the court
  • Full review of all leases and contractual services
  • Manage/supervise daily and on-going activities of the property
  • Tenant negotiations and contracts
  • Enforcement of leases
  • Collection of rents
  • Oversee maintenance, repairs, capital improvements
  • Secure and oversee service and utility contracts and independent outside services as required for maintenance of the property
  • Monthly financial reporting tailored to the needs of the court and the secured creditors
  • Financial statements
  • Detailed statement of receipts and disbursements
  • Check register
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Monthly general ledger
  • Detailed operations report of maintenance and management of the property
  • Summary of leasing activity with rent schedule
  • Actively list and market the property for sale and/or lease

If the commercial property in need of receivership service is also in need of repair or remodeling, CERRON’s “sister” company, APPRO Development can assist you. APPRO has architects and project managers to assist with the design, budgeting, permitting process, demolition, repair and/or remodel of your properties. APPRO can provide fast track construction that will get your property ready for lease or sale.