City of Lakeville News & Current Events

City of Lakeville: News and Current Events

The team at APPRO and CERRON tries to stay on top of all the current events in each of the communities we have the opportunity to serve.  This week, we focus on City of Lakeville News & Current Events.

By keeping up to date on the local happenings, we hope this information helps you and your business. Like you, we are busy and appreciate news in quick snippets, as the days get busy and it is a challenge to sift through all the information that constantly comes our way!

We hope you find this week’s list relevant and helpful to you and your business!

Lakeville in the News

Lakeville Map 2017.pngThere is a lot of activity happening in and around our local community. Located in Dakota County, Minnesota, Lakeville is a growing community and setting records for building permits and new construction in both residential and commercial building. Road construction is planned across the city, plans for the future are being assessed, and changes in fees are occurring.

As a result, we thought the following three articles would be of interest to both existing residents and business owners, as well as prospective individuals and businesses considering a move to this area.

You make click on the link to each of these articles listed below to learn more about the topic:

1. Lakeville Park Dedication Fee to Increase 3%

2. Major Transformation Planned in Lakeville

(Source of map: City of Lakeville)

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Newsletter_Sample.pngThere is certainly an abundance of information available regarding our local community and we hope that this blog post helps to connect you with resources to learn more about what is happening in our backyard of Lakeville, Minnesota.

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