Commercial Real Estate MN & County Hwy 70

Commercial Real Estate MN & County Hwy 70 has been in the local news recently. The Lakeville Chamber of Commerce held a meeting recently, about future plans and considerations for this county highway. This topic  is not only important to our team at APPRO and CERRON and its Lakevile location , but also for many of our clients and neighbors.

Mark Krebsbach, Dakota County Transportation Director/County Engineer gave the presentation and included the following topics:

  • Dakota County Highway System
  • Principal Arterial Study
  • County Highway Projects in Lakeville
  • County Highway 70 Conditions and Characteristics
  • Questions and Discussions

In this summary, you will learn about a few of the highlights of this presentation and we will also include links to additional information.


Some of the key take away items included in this presentation were the following:




Summary of County Highway 70 current conditions:

  • Predominantly 2-lane rural section
  • Transitioning to 3-lane section with left turn lanes
  • Full depth pavement rehabilitation in 2012 – pavement quality 3.9 out of 4.0
  • Coordination with development – access, turn lanes, right of way


Potential County Highway 70 project information summary:

  • 4-lane divided section
  • Likely beyond 2020
  • Split into two segments at CSAH 9 (Dodd Blvd.)
  • $30 million +/-


In conclusion, these changes are dependent on budgets and additional planning. We hope that our readers find this information of interest and if additional information is required, you may:

  • Contact Mark Krebsbach at Dakota County via email with any questions you may have,
  • Download a full version of the PowerPoint presentation by clicking HERE, or
  • Please feel free to contact a member of our team if you would like to discuss the potential impact on your business.

We are happy to help in any way we can!