Don’t Waste A Good Crisis!

local government innovation

Now that we finally have an official governor, it’s time to get down to business and address the looming $6 billion deficit, or some would term spending problem our state is facing. Our state revenues are projected to increase 5%, but our spending is projected to go up 23% if you take out the education payment shift. Certainly status quo is not an option. Our legislators need to prioritize their spending and look at delivering services differently. Now is the time for reform to lead our state and nation to the next level. Many feel that reform means more regulation, but I’d argue the exact opposite. We need to focus more on results—the bottom line, the goal. Let the people closest to the problem the freedom to figure it out. Give flexibility and incentives to do the job better. I am currently on a task force that is working on a “Guide to Innovation for Local Governments”. Here is the 5 step process that I think can be applied to anything:

1) Identify the problem (what is the goal?)

2) Determine the measurable outcome

3) Investigate why traditional methods are not working

4) Identify alternative theories or assumptions to address the problem

5) Innovate and redesign

Seems pretty simple, right? It would be if we weren’t creatures of habit and resistant to change. I encourage you to be the change you want yourself to be. Have the courage to look at things differently.

Our legislators do not have an easy job. Most of the items on the table you are not going to like and we will all be affected. However, this change is necessary. Let’s make this an opportunity to do things better by prioritizing government’s role and allowing creativity to innovate.