Aerospace Fabrication New Addition Project - Farmington MN

Aerospace Fabrication: Farmington, MN

Aerospace Fabrication: Farmington, MN Aerospace Fabrication is located in Farmington, Minnesota, and is currently under construction as they are adding a significant addition to their existing facility. This 13,333 SF (approx.) addition is constructed of precast concrete tip-up panels to match the existing building facade. The build-out in this project will include a new shop, stockroom, restrooms, and breakroom, as …

Our Memories of Maynard Johnson


We  are forever grateful for the impact Maynard Johnson had on each of our lives.  Maynard Johnson was born in 1921 and passed away this month (July 16, 2017) at the age of 95. Maynard married his sweetheart, Madeleine (who passed away January, 2017), and together, they raised their family in Minnesota. Maynard made many contributions to our local Lakeville community, which included a vision for the Airlake Industrial Park & economic development of Lakeville, Minnesota. He was instrumental in starting what is now known as “Pan-o-Prog”   (Panorama of Progress), as Lakeville’s annual community celebration. Maynard was even the Grand Marshall of the event in 1983!

Our companies’ owner and co-founder, Jack Matasosky, has long considered Maynard to have not only been his mentor, but a lifelong friend, with a relationship that began when Jack was hired by Maynard in 1978. After Jack co-founded APPRO Development, and later, CERRON Properties, Maynard continued to be a trusted adviser and valued confidante .

 We hope you enjoy learning more about this fascinating Lakeville pioneer, who is forever in our hearts!


Below, you will find a few fun pictures of Maynard Johnson along with some of our favorite memories.


There was the time that Maynard placed an advertisement for Airlake. He set up a desk and phone in one of the empty lots, complete with name sign on the desk and a briefcase full of money. By the way, the money in the photograph is REAL! 

maynard desk_0001.png

Celebrations, Parades and Pan-o-Prog!

Maynard had a knack for big ideas which often included big celebrations…like bringing in the local marching band to celebrate the grand opening of the Airlake Airport. Or, helping to get Pan-o-Prog (Panorama of Progress) started in Lakeville, MN.



Maynard - Airlake Airport.jpg


10-21-1966 maynard_0002.png


After Hitchcock Industries purchased 1,600 acres of land in south Lakeville, Maynard had a vision to make the first of its kind industrial park…what is today known as Airlake Industrial Park. Today, Airlake is home to approximately 150 businesses with just under 250 acres of the original land remaining.

1-16-1973_0001-1.png 1-16-1973_0002.png
Granse 3-5-1971_0002-1.png 1-16-1973_0001.png


And, a very special and cherished memory, was of Maynard’s attendance of APPRO and CERRON’s anniversary party. Shortly after Maynard’s wife, Madeleine, passed away, he attended this event, to everyone’s surprise, and delight! 

Jack and Maynard.jpg


You may learn more about Maynard in the following articles and links:

  • Recent article about Maynard published on July 21, 2017 in the Sun Thisweek, Lakeville Newspaper
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune Article on book written about Maynard’s wisdom shared with his grandson: Maynard’s Memories
  • Past Business Person of the Year list (scroll down the post to see previous year’s winners) awarded by the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce  in 1997
  • Airlake Industrial Park – Blast from the Past
  • Video about Airlake Industrial Park which includes an interview with Maynard: 




We thank you for allowing us to share a few of our favorite memories of Maynard with you. Our lives have been forever touched by Maynard’s guidance, wisdom and contributions to not just to us personally or to our companies, but to our greater community of Lakeville, Minnesota. 

Our hope is that by sharing a few of our memories, your lives may be touched by the legacy he left, too!

If you have a memory of Maynard, we would love to hear from you…



In the Community – Lakeville School Supply Drive

A School Supply Drive is under way for Lakeville Area Public Schools!

We absolutely value the community in which our team lives and works! Lakeville is a great place to live and raise a family. It was recently brought to our attention, by Jim Connelly on our team, who is an active member of the Lakeville Rotary, that there is going to be a school supply drive to benefit students in the Lakeville Area Public School system.

In this blog post, you will learn:

  • What is needed
  • When to drop off donations
  • Where collection sites are located 
  • Why this is supply drive is especially important


The Ready, Set, ACHIEVE! event is designed to work with families to kick off the school year in the best way possible. In addition to making sure that each child attending a Lakeville school, has the necessary school supplies (see list below), having a fresh haircut and warm, clean clothes to start the new year also are included in this initiative. 

  • New backpacks
  • Supplies (pencils, pens, glue, highlighters, crayons, markers, dry erase markers, colored pencils, pocket folders, rulers, scissors, notebooks, erasers, 3 ring binders, book covers, calculators, etc.)
  • Graphing calculators
  • Headphones
  • Flash drives
  • Spirit wear
  • New clothing
  • Winter coats
  • Elementary age snow pants/boots
  • Gloves/mittens
  • Winter hats
  • Monetary support

To make a tax-deductible monetary donation, please send checks payable to Ready, Set, Achieve to the following address:

Lisa Holien, RSA Co-Chair
℅ Lakeville North High School
19600 Ipava Avenue
Lakeville, MN 55044

Click to make online donations.

For volunteer opportunities, please contact Megan Reikowski at

To provide haircut services, please contact Holly Ryan at 952-353-0201.


Donations are being accepted from now until August 22, 2017. (See the donation locations below – some locations have specific drop off dates and times). There is no time like the present!


Donations may be made to the following locations (please note the corresponding dates/times of each):

  • August 2 11AM -1PM, Downtown Lakeville Plaza
  • August 14 4-8PM, Buffalo Wild Wings, Lakeville
  • Crystal Lake Education Center, M-F, 7:30AM – 4:30PM – Any time during these hours from now until the August 22nd deadline.


Last year this vital event served 343 students (K-12), and offered assistance to families prior to fall open houses through community donations. This year, we anticipate 600 students. As you are shopping for school supplies this summer, please consider donating supplies in support of another Lakeville Area student through Ready, Set, Achieve!.

We hope you will consider getting involved in this great way to support our local community. For additional information, you may visit the ISD 194 Events page HERE.

To learn more about involvement in our local community, you may visit our “In the Community”page.

You may also contact us for more information about getting involved in the Lakeville Rotary by clicking below:


Image Source (student with packed backpack): 


2017 MBEA Award Finalists: APPRO and CERRON

Jack and Bruce - APPRO and CERRON MBEA Finalist 2017.jpgMBEA Award Finalists – APPRO and CERRON attend 18th Annual Ethics Award Lunch:

On Wednesday, May 18, 2017, members of the APPRO and CERRON team attended  the 18th annual Minnesota Business Ethics Award lunch. It was quite a journey there – 30 years in the making, really. It is indeed an honor to have made a top three list of finalists!

Read more to learn:

  • What the MBEA is all about
  • How the team at APPRO and CERRON ended up as a finalist
  • How your team or companies you work with, might end up a finalist, too!

18th Annual Minnesota Business Ethics Award:

On May 18, 2017, the Minnesota Business Ethics Association (MBEA) hosted its 18th annual awards luncheon at the Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The MBEA was founded in 1999 by the Society of Financial Service Professionals – Twin Cities Chapter, and the Center for Ethical Business Cultures (CEBC) at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business. Since its inception, the MBEA has recognized 52 Minnesota-based businesses with this prestigious award. The Financial Executives International (FEI) – Twin Cities Chapter joined these organizations as sponsor of this event. You may learn more about the MBEA and this year’s finalists and winners at


mbea-Appro Development_Finalist_2017-205-1.jpg

 How APPRO and CERRON became a finalist…

MBEA 2017 Finalist - APPRO and CERRON.jpgThe team at APPRO and CERRON was notified that they had been nominated (by a past client) for this year’s award. At that point, as a nominee, you may choose to submit an application. Going through the application process is both time consuming, as well as rewarding. Our team invested a lot of time to answer the questions and to provide examples, as well as samples pertaining to how we conduct business, how we treat our employees, vendors, subcontractors & clients, the systems we have in place, and  more.  As we completed our application, we would tell our story based on the following criteria: 1. What you say you stand for; 2. How you do what you say you stand for; and, 3. How well you’ve done.

Our team had multiple meetings and conversations as we dug into our history and policies. Our conversations included administrative and project managers, as well as recently retired Office Manager, Kathy Morse, and owners Jack Matasosky, Jim Connelly, and Bruce Rydeen (pictured above). It was a team effort, and we are better for having gone through the process!

Upon completing our application and submitting to the MBEA judging committee, we learned that we had been named a finalist. Out of 90+ nominees, and approx. 30 entrants, our team made the final three for the small business category. An additional eight finalists would round out the rest of the small, mid, and large sized businesses for the 2017 MBEA award. All finalists are encouraged to attend the lunch, and we were able to include part of our overall group on this day to meet other finalists and award recipients.

Representatives and owners from both APPRO and CERRON, joined by spouses and special guests, attended the MBEA luncheon. It was a great event to meet past award recipients (including current and past clients), and to listen to the keynote speaker, before learning who the final award winners were in each category. Our team especially enjoyed listening to Neel Kashkari, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, and John G. Taft, former chief executive officer of RBC Wealth Management – U.S. and all that they had to share on the topic of ethical business practices. 

You may learn more about the finalists and winners by visiting the MBEA website at and Taft - MBEA Awards Lunch - MPLS-MN.jpg

How your team can get involved in the MBEA:

The next opportunity for nominations is now open for the 2018 Minnesota Business Ethics Awards. You may submit your nomination for a company you believe practices high business ethics in their business and in their local community. You may go to the MBEA website to place a nomination and learn more about this opportunity.

Two of the 52 MN based companies who have received the award in the past couple of years, includes:

Lakeview Bank and Murphy Automotive (You may click on each link to see the current and past projects we have worked on for each company – links to their companies may be found on each page, too!)

The owners of these companies and their teams happen to be good friends and clients and we are grateful to be able to learn from their examples!

Feel free to send us a note by using the form below or clicking on the Contact Us button, if you would like to learn more about this award, our company, and what we stand for.


Best wishes!


Lakeville Community Events – APPRO & CERRON Sponsors

Lakeville Community Events – 2014 Lakeville Chamber Golf Tournament & 2014 Taste of Lakeville

By Paige Thompson Recent Lakeville Community Events gave the team at APPRO Development and CERRON Commercial Properties the opportunity to support our local community and have a lot of fun in the process!

2014 Lakeville Chamber Golf Tournament

APPRO-CERRON_Sponsor-2nd_Hole_at_Wilds-1.jpgAPPRO and CERRON were bronze sponsors of this year’s golf tournament, which allowed us to be a sponsor on hole #2 at The Wilds Golf Club in Prior Lake, MN. Kathy Morse, Andrea Kaderlik and I had the opportunity to be at the sponsor table where we offered golfers a chance to enter a drawing to win a pair of MN Gopher Hockey tickets. By playing our “Sledgehammer/Mega Golf” game – a combination of bowling, croquet and putting – players had fun trying to knock a bowling ball with a wedge/sledgehammer under a wicket/sign. We witnessed some unique styles, as you will see from the following pics taken. Our team had a great time meeting or re-connecting with members of our community at this annual event. Later in the day, a few of our team members, Jim Connelly with guests Norm Oberto and Mark Becker from Imperial Plastics, Andrea Kaderlik and I attended the dinner and drew the names of Kevin Jenn, a manager with Target Technology Services, and Mark Priore, an attorney with Priore Law Offices, as winners of the two pairs of Gopher Hockey tickets. 


2014 Taste of Lakeville

Taste_of_Lakeville_2014.jpgAPPRO and CERRON also had the opportunity to be one of many community sponsors for the 2014 Taste of Lakeville. This Lakeville Rotary Club event has become an annual tradition for many (12 years running). A few of our team members (myself included), were able to make it out to this event on May 15, 2014. There was a silent and live auction with proceeds benefiting the Lakeville Heritage Center and Miracle (Baseball) Field, live bands as part of the entertainment, a wall of wine raffle and wine tasting, and of course…the food tasting. For $35 ahead of time (or $45 at the door) – this is an incredible deal!! Not to mention – A LOT OF FUN!! If you were not able to make it out to this event this year, I strongly encourage you to do so next year! Not only is it a lot of fun, you are helping our local Lakeville community at the same time. See more information about the Taste of Lakeville HERE.

Want More Information About Community Events? Sign up for our Newsletter HERE…

2015 APPRO & CERRON Team Ornament Stories


We asked our team to share one of their favorite ornaments this year and a story about what makes that particular ornament special. Some of our team members had a really hard time choosing just one. I think many of us can relate to that, choosing a favorite anything.

There are a wide variety of ornaments and stories to go along with them…we hope you enjoy learning a little more about our team, and some of the stories about what makes each of us unique!



We hope you enjoy – thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to learn a little more about our team!!


As you take time to enjoy this holiday season, we hope that you will continue to stay in touch! Please feel free to leave us a note below. 

All the best for a bright and prosperous 2016!


Lakeville Manufacturers Appreciation Reception-2015

A great time was had by all at the 2015 Lakeville Manufacturers Appreciation Reception!

This “invitation only” event is conducted annually to express appreciation for local industrial and manufacturing businesses, many of which are located in the Airlake Industrial Park. The event was held on Tuesday, October 7, 2015, at Brackett’s Crossing Country Club, in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Approximately 90 participants had registered to attend the reception at which the City of Lakeville expressed their appreciation for the value manufacturing and industry businesses bring to our local community. Mayor Matt Little expressed his gratitude for the jobs created by these companies, allowing Lakeville residents to work closer to home. Additional City, County, and State representatives in attendance included: Jon Koznick (MN State Representative-58A), Roz Peterson (MN State Representative-56B), Mary Liz Holberg (Dakota County Commissioner),  Colleen LaBeau (Lakeville City Council), and many more. Rick Howden, of the City of Lakeville, drew the names and announced the winners for each of the prizes donated for the evening’s reception.

Many thanks to the Event Sponsors: The City of Lakeville, Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau, Dakota Electric Association, Frontier Communications, Minnesota Energy Resources, and Xcel Energy.

 Pictured above: Paul Rehmke of Cloverleaf Cold Storage with Jack Matasosky of APPRO and CERRON.

Prizes, vendors, food and more:

In addition to consuming some sumptuous appetizers and engaging in conversations with business owners and vendors/sponsors, attendees had the opportunity to participate in drawings for prizes donated by some of the many businesses attending the event. 

 Stefanie Sutton and Aaron Custard of Hearthside Food Solutions showing off their prizes (Gopher Hockey tickets donated by APPRO and CERRON, and Minnesota cutting board donated by MN Energy.)


Paul Rehmke, Jack Matasosky and Tom Smith

Jack Matasosky of APPRO Development and CERRON Commercial Properties with Paul Rehmke of Cloverleaf Cold Storage and Tom Smith, owner of Brackett’s Crossing Country Club. Paul was the winner of four Wild Tickets donated by APPRO and CERRON.


The purpose of the event is to thank area industrial and manufacturing businesses in our local community for their economic impact and all of their hard work. This event coincides with a State of Minnesota Manufacturers Week which runs from October 1-10, 2015. For more information on this annual event held in October in the State of Minnesota, check out the MNDEED page for additional resources including manufacturing tours and a manufacturing quiz.

Finally, a sincere thank you goes out to all of the owners of our local industrial and manufacturing businesses. Since 1987, these business owners have allowed our companies at APPRO and CERRON to be a part of their success and their growth – we are both humbled and grateful to be a part of that – each time we assist with a property solution. Thank you!

 Please feel free to leave a comment below – if you attended this event, we would love to hear from you. Also, feel free to get in touch with our team directly:



In the Community: Midwest Special Services

  A few years ago, I had the opportunity to meet the team at Midwest Special Services (MSS) to learn about the services they offer and their focus on adults in our community with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. I was so impressed with their entire organization and the amazing work they doincluding… providing staffing for local companies!

Recently I thought about MSS again when our team at CERRON listed a new medical office property featuring a specialized build-out. I wondered about the type of space MSS and similar companies require (see more information on this listing HERE), so I picked up the phone to  re-connect with Kevin McCaleb, Director of MSS in Apple Valley, MN, who introduced me to Randy Bloom, Business Development Executive with MSS and MSS’ Communications Manager, Hannah Watkins. Together we discussed ways local business owners may benefit from staffing services that MSS offers in the interview recapped below.

Image Source: MSS, Eagan , MN Facility 


What is the mission of Midwest Special Services (MSS)?

The mission of MSS is to serve adults with disabilities by supporting them in the achievement of their full potential and as vital and contributing members of the community.


Where is MSS located?

MSS has six centers, located at:

  • St. Paul Center (Main Office) – 900 Ocean Street, St. Paul, MN 55106
  • Apple Valley Center – 14779 Energy Way, Apple Valley, MN 55124
  • Brooklyn Park Center – 7600 Boone Avenue N. Suite 86, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428
  • Eagan Center – 3265 Northwood Circle Suite 180, Eagan, MN 55121
  • Shoreview Center – 1045 Tomlyn Avenue, Shoreview, MN 55126
  • Oakdale Center – 3400 Granada Ave. N. Suite 190, Oakdale, MN 55128


Who does MSS serve?

Since 1949, MSS has been providing individualized services and supports to adults with intellectual and physical disabilities to help them reach their personal goals and achieve their full potential. We are committed to identifying and navigating the barriers our participants face.

Our geographic reach covers the entire seven-county metro area with six facilities, each designed to support the individuals we support, their caregivers, and families.


What are some of your workers’ capabilities in terms of employment opportunities?

They want to work and they are good at it! We provide them with the opportunity to gain skills in the areas of production assembly, clerical, customer service, food services, cleaning and janitorial.

Employers can expect a hard worker who can provide results.


What is a common misconception about hiring people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities?

It is believed by many that adults with disabilities will increase the liability of a hiring organization, that they will have a hard time being accepted by co-workers and that they cannot learn the same tasks as their co-workers. These are all misconceptions, and employers we have worked with are pleasantly surprised by the positive results our workers provide.


How can businesses benefit by working with MSS and hiring the individuals you support?

  • Businesses can tap into a dedicated work force who are reliable and willing to work
  • MSS Business Services can help our business partners meet their goals regarding delivery of critical products or services. MSS can help to add capacity to our business partners’ current staffing needs or by providing outsourced production capacity while meeting our customers’ critical deadlines for product or services delivery.
  • Businesses have the opportunity to directly benefit the community in which they exist by hiring MSS and the clients we serve.

In the community - MSS providing staffing solutions in MN - Dakota County.

Image Source: MSS – Client Craig, working on mobile crew.

How does the work program at MSS work? What options do businesses have to work with the individuals you support?

MSS Business Services division offers 3 solutions for businesses and their needs:

  • Pre-qualified candidates for direct hire
  • Supervised Work Crews for on-going or special projects
  • In-house production assembly and packaging services / fulfillment

 Typically, what is the timeframe from when a business contacts MSS to the time they have help in the door?

  • MSS responds quickly to meet the critical deadline needs of our business partners. Typically, we will work with the individual scheduling deadline needs of our customers to provide solutions for staffing or outsourced production needs.

What other questions do business owners typically ask when considering working with MSS?

  • Quality of output is extremely important for all our business customers! MSS works closely with our business customers to understand all quality requirements in order to be successful. MSS will meet with each business customer to fully understand our customers’ established productivity and/or inspection standards


 Who should business owners contact if they would like more information on working with Midwest Special Services?

Contact: Randy Bloom, Business Development Executive, at or (651) 793- 4199. We would also encourage you to visit our website at: to learn more about our services.


 We  sincerely hope you enjoyed learning more about this great nonprofit organization in our local community. If you think your company could benefit by working with Midwest Special Services, we would encourage you to inquire about their staffing services. Putting folks like Craig to work is a benefit to the hiring company, the employee, and our local community!


If you are a company in need of a customized space or a new-location, please contact APPRO Development at (952) 469-2171 or CERRON Commercial Properties at (952) 469-9444.


Lakeville Groundbreaking: Mendell Machine and Manufacturing

Lakeville Groundbreaking for Mendell Machine and Manufacturing

Lakeville_Groundbreaking_Mendell_Machine_and_ManufacturingOn a gorgeous, sunny day in Lakeville’s Airlake Industrial Park, Mendell Machine and Manufacturing celebrated a groundbreaking to kick off a new addition to their existing production facility.





 The ceremony started with an introduction by Bryan Bartz, President of Mendell. Bartz acknowledged the hard work of his team, which he cited as the reason for the company’s continued growth. Additional event speakers included Lakeville Mayor Matt Little and Jeff Rossate, Director of Business Development for the State of Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). Mayor Little stated how proud he is of this company and the entire Mendell team. He also expressed how exciting it is that Mendell has helped to make Lakeville, Minnesota known around the world with each shipment.

 The Mendell staff, owners, and leadership, along with representatives from the City of Lakeville and the State of Minnesota, and other honored guests, all joined in to help celebrate the official breaking of ground. After the dust had settled and shovels and hard hats were secured, all were invited to join in a lunch reception, complete with outdoor grill, staffed by members of Mendell’s team.


This expansion will include approximately 18,700 SF, expanding the existing 28,571 SF building for a completed office/production facility of 46,793 SF, located at 21463 Grenada Avenue, Lakeville, Minnesota. APPRO Development, Inc. is honored to have been chosen to work with Mendell for a second time. This expansion project is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2015.


Follow the progress of this project by checking out our “Current Projects” Page!

Interested in finding out more information about starting an office production facility expansion of your own? Start by downloading our interactive project timeline to learn how our process works.


You may also leave us a comment below. Thank you!