GCC of America - Industrial Construction Project by APPRO Development

GCC of America – OTSEGO, MN

GCC of America – OTSEGO, MN GCC of America is constructing a new facility in Otsego / St. Michael, Minnesota. This is a large scale industrial construction project in which multiple stakeholders are involved. The project includes: a new material handling facility for the storage and distribution of dry cement products along with providing a building to house an office …

Aerospace Fabrication New Addition Project - Farmington MN

Aerospace Fabrication: Farmington, MN

Aerospace Fabrication: Farmington, MN Aerospace Fabrication is located in Farmington, Minnesota, and is currently under construction as they are adding a significant addition to their existing facility. This 13,333 SF (approx.) addition is constructed of precast concrete tip-up panels to match the existing building facade. The build-out in this project will include a new shop, stockroom, restrooms, and breakroom, as …

Drones in Commercial Real Estate and Industrial Construction

Drones in Commercial Real Estate and Industrial Construction 

Drones in Commercial  Real Estate and Industrial Construction? They’re talked about everywhere and their benefits are sometimes far reaching or yet to be tested (I am curious to see how a drone can deliver a package during a MN snowstorm without plummeting to its death due to the added weight of the snow). Naturally, the popularity of drones made us ask; how can drones benefit those of us in the commercial real estate or industrial construction fields? 

(Click on photo at left for more information about this Warehouse Addition and to see more aerial photography taken by a drone.)


We (at APPRO Development and CERRON Commercial Properties) decided there could be some benefit to utilize drones, so we embarked on a mission to learn more. Upon doing some research, we learned it’s important to find someone who is:

  • Qualified to operate a drone, especially in metropolitan areas or near airports
  • Knowledgeable of regulatory laws and keeps current with the changes
  • Carries insurance for the operation of their drone
  • Educated in photography and has the needed equipment to provide high quality photos


After finding a “pilot” whose skills we were confident in, we were able to utilize drones in numerous ways over the past year to:

  • Capture stunning images of buildings post-construction as part of construction photos file.
  • Obtain unique perspectives on commercial buildings and office suites for marketing purposes.
  • Investigate issues with joints, roofs, HVAC and other systems that normally require rooftop access, a bucket lift or a REALLY tall ladder.


Commercial Real Estate Marketing photo – CLICK Here for the VIDEO!

Click HERE to learn more about this Lakeville Commercial Land for sale!

 Why use drones???

The benefits in utilizing a drone allowed a significant cost savings over other methods, such as aerial photography completed by a pilot and a photographer. In fact, we may have just done without the wonderful photos had it not been for the savings using a drone.  In addition to our company having a drone pilot that we hire for imaging, some of our subcontractors also have access to a pilot to provide insightful feedback on existing building conditions.

Structural engineers have learned to utilize drones for inspecting hard to reach places, such as under bridges or high in the air to view windmill or cell towers, smoke stacks and other tall buildings. Interestingly, drones are also being used to assist in mapping of rail lines.

While there is much debate surrounding the use of drones, some practical applications, which are non-obtrusive to the general public, are indeed beneficial to the Commercial Real Estate and Industrial Construction industry.





If you have an existing property you would like to market for sale or lease, or have a commercial building in need of repair or expanding, please contact our team to assist you. Perhaps we may incorporate the use of drones into your next project!





For more information on Commerical Real Estate and Construction,

please visit our “Industrial building construction process” page for additional information on how the construction process works and may benefit you and your company as you consider your future space needs.

A drone was used to view the roof and parking lot of the APPRO Development and CERRON Commercial Properties building. The aerial perspective helped determine maintenance needs and cosmetic improvements to enhance the aesthetics of the property.



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Lakeville Expansion project for Menasha Packaging by APPRO Development - Overhead (2)

Menasha Packaging Expansion Project: Lakeville, MN

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Final - Wausau Supply Company Exterior Image by APPRO Development Inc

Wausau Supply Company – Airlake Industrial Park, Lakeville, MN

WAUSAU SUPPLY COMPANY, LAKEVILLE, MN WAUSAU SUPPLY COMPANY includes the construction of the initial 147,000 sq. ft. office/ warehouse facility, with several expansions increasing the building size to 274,800 sq. ft. located in Lakeville, Minnesota.  Building construction consists of a poured concrete slab on grade, pre-engineered metal panel wall and roofing system around the warehouse and CMU wall construction around the …

New Trucking Terminal for R & L Carriers by APPRO Development

New Trucking Terminal: R & L Carriers, Farmington, MN

A new trucking terminal for R & L Carriers This new trucking terminal is located on 18 acres in Farmington, Minnesota including a 108 door cross-dock truck terminal, a 5 bay truck maintenance building including 2 drive thru inspection bays and a truck wash bay. An on-site 4 lane fueling station with two 20,000 gallon underground fuel tanks provided for fleet service. Also …

2018-03-08 12.09.40

Commercial Expansion Project: Geometrix, Rosemount, MN

Commercial Expansion Project: Geometrix, Rosemount, MN A Commercial Expansion Project has been completed for Geometrix Company, located at 15124 Business Parkway, Rosemount, Minnesota. This construction project is an addition of 13,224 SF to the existing building at this Dakota County property. The building is located in the Rosemount Business Park just off of Hwy 3 and County Road 42 in …

Lakeville Commercial: New Construction Projects

Lakeville Commercial – New Construction Projects are popping up all over Lakeville, Minnesota. The design-build firm of APPRO Development, Inc. has multiple projects under construction this busy construction season. In this blog we will give a quick summary of the multiple Lakeville commercial and industrial projects we are working on in our local community.

In this blog post, you will learn about the following design build projects:

  • Launch Properties Lakeville Phase I New Industrial Facility Project
  • McDonald Eye Care New Clinic Building Project
  • Lakeview Bank New Addition Building Project
  • Christian Heritage Academy (CHA) New School Building Project

2017-06-05 Launch Shell (15).jpgMost recently, a design-build project has begun for Launch Properties. The first phase of this 286,000 square foot industrial manufacturing building is now under way. Upon completion, this building will be home  to multi-tenants in this manufacturing facility, with one tenant already committed to this project. You may learn more about this design-build project by clicking here.

The next Lakeville commercial project our team has under way is for McDonald Eye Care. McDonald Eye Care has been in business for more than 40 years, serving the residents of Lakeville, Minnesota, with their eye care needs. Due to the restructuring of CR-50 (Kenwood Trail), the need to change the location of their building became necessary. As a result, APPRO Development has assisted the owners through the process of land acquisition for their new home located just next door to their existing building. You may learn more about this project by clicking here. If you love aerial/drone footage, you will definitely want to check out their Facebook page, as they have posted regular updates on the project, too.

2017-5-22 FTG Installation  (5).jpgAnother Lakeville Commercial project the team is working on this summer is the expansion project for Lakeview Bank. Our team at APPRO built the original building for Lakeview Bank when they opened their doors at 9725 163rd Street West, Lakeville, MN 55044, in 2004. A dozen years later, they have chosen our team again to build an addition onto their existing building. You may learn more about the project and view photos as the construction progresses, by clicking on the following LINK.

2017-06-09 CHA (2).jpg

Finally, our team is constructing a new school for Christian Heritage Academy (CHA). The existing school is located off of Glacier Way in Rosemount, Minnesota at Valley Christian Church. Their new location will be on the campus of Crossroads Church, at the intersection of Glasgow Avenue and 175th Street West in Lakeville, Minnesota (just off the intersection of Dodd Boulevard and Cedar Avenue (CR-77) behind Cub Foods near Barley + Vine Restaurant. This project is well under way with concrete walls complete, and a lot of daily progress being made. Our updates may be viewed at the following link. Pastor Paul Marzahn also posts regular updates to the CHA Facebook page which may be found HERE.

This is a sample of the projects we are currently working on, in the city of Lakeville, Minnesota. 

If you are wondering about what it takes to start a project similar to any of these listed above, please click on the following link to download a Project and Process Timeline. It will help to give you an idea of the necessary time involved to start a design build construction project with our team at APPRO Development, Inc..