Polytek building Lakeville MN-01

Office Warehouse New Construction: PolyTek Surface Coatings

Office Warehouse New Construction: PolyTek Surface Coatings Project Summary: New construction of an Office Warehouse including office space approximately 17,218 sq. ft. in Lakeville, MN, project by APPRO Development. Services Provided by APPRO: Full design build package If you’d like to know more about this client and their business click here   APPRO Development has been a design-build company since …

MN Commercial Property Search Now Available at CERRON.com

MN Commercial Property Search Now Available at CERRON.com

Lakeville based, APPRO Development and CERRON Commercial Properties, are pleased to announce we now have an added feature on our website! You may now search not just CERRON’s active commercial property listings, but ALL commercial properties in MN (publically listed). CERRON has been working hard with our web developer to include this feature on the APPRO and CERRON website and are excited to unveil this added feature this week.

We have made it very easy to search commercial properties on our website. When you land on our home page, you will find a couple of search features on the left side of the page:

1. By clicking on the “Search Our Listings” tab, you are able to search all of CERRON’s active commercial listings posted to our website.

2. By clicking on the “CERRON Commercial Properties” tab, you will be able to search all commercial property listings (available to the public).

We have created an easy search form for you to use. Once you have entered your search criteria and click on the “Search” tab, you will see all active commercial listings meeting your search criteria.

Whether you are looking for industrial, warehouse, retail, office or land listings in Minnesota, for lease or for sale (or both!), you will be able to search these commercial property types quickly and easily with our new commercial listing search feature.

Once you find a property(-ies) meeting your criteria, feel free to contact us using the Contact Form on the listing page to schedule a showing or find out more information. You may also easily pull up the same listing by keeping the unique listing # handy to include for future reference or in the Contact Form.

APPRO and CERRON are pleased to be able to offer this added feature on our website!

Learn more about commercial and industrial building construction and properties process at the following LINK. 

Lakeville Expansion project for Menasha Packaging by APPRO Development - Overhead (2)

Menasha Packaging Expansion Project: Lakeville, MN

New Industrial Park Expansion Project Completed      Special Considerations Buildings are slab on grade, with warehouse building to be constructed of precast concrete wall panels for the exterior walls, and structural steel roof . The office addition is to include concrete block walls and structural steel roof. Both buildings to include a TPO roofing system and to be fully sprinklered. …

Imperial Plastics - Mankato Exterior Elevation

Mankato New Production Facility for Imperial Plastics

Mankato New Production Facility for Imperial Plastics The Imperial Plastics Production Facility located in Eastwood Energy Center, Mankato, MN is a new building for a growing MN based plastics manufacturer. The project includes a total building size of 124,368 square feet on a new industrial park lot, including warehouse, office and mezzanine space. APPRO Development, Inc., as design-builder of this project, worked …

final - Richfield Plumbing Ext

Bloomington Office Warehouse: Richfield Plumbing

Bloomington Office Warehouse: Richfield Plumbing A new Bloomington Office Warehouse for Richfield Plumbing (Adelmann Building) consists of a 19,300 sq. ft. facility located in Richfield, Minnesota. The building design for this commercial project incorporates both warehouse and office lease spaces. The open two-story office area provides ample light and lofty space with separate but shared entry to provide multiple options …

Industrial Real Estate Development

Industrial Real Estate Development Project: Launch First Addition, Lakeville, MN

Industrial Real Estate Development Project: Launch First Addition, Lakeville, MN A new industrial real estate development project is under way for Launch Properties First Addition, to be located just east of Cedar in Lakeville, Minnesota. This 286,000 SF industrial facility is an exciting new addition to this south metro community. APPRO Development, Inc. is the design-builder for this project. You …

Office Warehouse Space: Apple Valley, MN

Office Warehouse Space Apple Valley, MN – Apple Valley Business Campus, Phase III

Office warehouse space is now available in Apple Valley, MN. Phase I& II of the Apple Valley Business Campus is at almost 100% capacity and Phase III is now leasing with construction completion anticipated for mid-summer, 2014.

Apple Valley Business Campus (AVBC) is an office warehouse space located in Apple Valley (just a block away from Sam’s Club, Menards, and many area restaurants) & is zoned I-2

Click Image to enlarge

This is an ideal use for: Office/Warehouse, Instructional Athletic, Manufacturing, Distribution, or Show Room

For more information, visit our website.

Grab a flyer HERE: Phase III AV Business Campus – 6275 147th St. W-Flyer


MN Warehousing Tax – Part 1

MN Warehousing Tax – Part 1

MN Warehousing Tax– Part 1 is the first of two reports we are planning to bring to our readers regarding the new warehouse tax on the books for MN businesses. If you are involved in third party warehousing as a part of your business, we are sure you have heard the MN Warehousing Tax is due to go into effect on April 1st. It is actually one of three business to business (B2B) taxes to go into effect in 2014. This specific warehousing tax would impact businesses which provide third party warehousing services, as well as those businesses who utilize these third party services.

According to the MN Department of Revenue, “Starting April 1, 2014, business-related warehousing and storage services will be taxable in Minnesota. This means state sales and use tax is due when a business buys warehouse or storage services for its tangible personal property.” There are exceptions to this rule, which are dependent upon business use[1].

Come April 1st, Minnesota would be one of few if not the only state with a warehousing tax of this kind, which could ultimately put the businesses in our state at a distinct disadvantage. Some companies are already feeling the impact of this tax. According to an article by Jessica Harper for Sun Thisweek Dakota County Tribune, in an interview with warehousing General Manager, Kathy Forester, in talking about the tax, she states, “With its customers seeking services elsewhere, Strategic lost 18 percent of its revenue between August 2013 and January 2014, which prompted the company to lay off 22 percent of its workforce[2].”

The Minnesota Legislature is scheduled to reconvene on February 25th. At that time, the Minnesota State Budget will be reviewed. If there is a sufficient surplus, Governor Dayton may consider a repeal of one or more of these B2B taxes[3]. As it stands now, however, these taxes have been signed into law and only a new bill that strikes the provision of the current tax could repeal it. There are many groups working right now, toward the effort to repeal the MN Warehousing Tax.[4]

Stay tuned to learn more in the weeks to come, or feel free to contact our team with concerns about the impact on your current commercial space.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Mid-February – State Budget Forecast (Gov. Dayton will use this information to determine if these new taxes are necessary)
  • February 25th – New Legislative Session Begins
  • April 1st – New Warehouse Tax goes into effect

[1] MN Department of Revenue Warehouse Tax Summary


[2] Businesses impacted by the MN Warehouse Tax


[3] Businesses vow to repeal the warehouse tax and Gov. Dayton to support repeal if sufficient surplus exists


[4] Commercial Real Estate Group works to repeal the tax



Warehouse Building Considerations: Midwest Review

Warehouse Building Considerations – What you should know before you buy, build or remodel

Warehouse building considerations have been a topic of discussion of late, as one of the building types APPRO/CERRON is frequently contacted about for real estate and construction projects happens to be warehouse projects. There have been some great deals on warehouses in the last few years, and a potential buyer is often posed with the dilemma of whether it makes the most sense to buy an existing building and spend the money to renovate it to his or her company’s individual needs, or design and build a warehouse custom built to those needs.

To build new, one potentially loses out capitalizing on the devaluation of existing buildings (the availability of which are quickly diminishing on the commercial market). To renovate, however, often means to compromise on some of the features of the building, and/or to invest money into a building whose components might not all last as long as those in a new building.

With APPRO pricing your projects, you can weigh the various pros and cons of either option to come up with a solution that best fits your needs before proceeding to hire us to assist you along whichever solution (buy, remodel, add or build) you choose.

Some of the other considerations that we’ve seen owners look at include more detailed considerations (or checklist), like the following:

  • What are the clear height dimensions and door size dimensions that will work best for you?
  • Are super-flat floors a requirement for forklift traffic, more typical of higher clear height warehouses?
  • Are steel fibers or a special floor coating required for wear?
  • Will high-speed racking be utilized?
  • What height will the product be stored to, and what will be stored in the warehouse, as this affects sprinkler coverage, and associated cost?
  • How susceptible will the walls be to damage from forklifts, which will affect whether the exterior walls are precast, metal or something else?
  • Will rail access be a consideration?
  • Will a loading dock be needed, as is typical, or just drive-in doors that close at pavement height?
  • If a loading dock is needed, will the design include locks to attach the truck to the dock while loading or unloading?
  • Is it important for the truck to be able to engage its dock and park, and then open truck doors (drive through docks); or is it OK to open truck doors before backing into its dock space?
  • Will there need to be a stop and go light system in place for trucks?
  • Will a canopy be needed above the overhead doors?
  • What kind of grade is acceptable driving in and out of the docks for trucks?
  • Will the warehouse need to be heated and/or cooled? Insulated?

There are more considerations, of course, than those above. But take a look at the list and consider which of these options are important to you when you make that all-important decision to buy or design/build.

Whether you are just starting the process or have been considering your building needs for a while, allow our team to assist you with any questions you may have about the construction (remodeling, additions or new building) process. We are here to help!