Dick’s Sanitation – Shop Building Addition, Lakeville MN

New project for APPRO Development:  APPRO demoed an existing storage garage at Dick’s Sanitation in Lakeville, MN and is using that space to build a 2-level office expansion.  Follow the progress of this project by clicking on the link below.   https://approdevelopment.com/dicks-sanitation…-addition-photos/ ‎

Building an addition for Designed Cacbinets Lakeville MN by APPRO Development

Designed Cabinets is Building an Addition: Lakeville, MN

Designed Cabinets is Building an Addition in Lakeville, MN Designed Cabinets is building an addition in the Airlake Industrial Park in Lakeville, Minnesota. The scope of this project includes the following: One story building addition with infrastructure to allow for future mezzanine area. The height of this addition was designed to be taller than the existing building; the height was …

Small Business Workshop: South Metro, MN

CERRON is offering a Small Business Workshop in the South Metro area of Minnesota – Sign Up Now!

Small Business Workshop offered by CERRON - Bruce RydeenSmall Business Workshop is being offered by CERRON, in an effort with the Elko New Market Chamber of Commerce, as part of their “Small Business Workshop Series”. The Lakeville Community Ed catalog is out and online registration is now available for this, and many other classes in the series.

This particular small business class being offered by CERRON is to focus on commercial real estate, with the class title appropriately named, “Commercial Real Estate Solutions for Small Businesses” (CRE) and will be held for one night only, on Thursday, October 16, 6:30-8 p.m. The class is to cover the following topics:

  • Types of commercial real estate
  • The dynamics of users versus investors
  • How to define your needs and the best timing for securing a space
  • Advantages of leasing versus buying
  • How to evaluate if building is a suitable option
  • Particulars of leasing:
    • Types of leases/pricing
    • Terms & Conditions
    • Forms & Agreements
  • Particulars of purchasing:
    • Process
    • Offers/Pricing
    • Due Diligence
    • Closing
    • Forms & Agreements

The Elko New Market Chamber of Commerce has created a dedicated page on the Chamber’s website for the series of small business classes being offered with additional information on the Elko New Market Chamber’s Facebook page as well.

You may also print a flyer by clicking on this attachment: Small Business Series – South Metro MN- Flyer – 2014

There are limited spaces, so please plan to sign up early.

For more details on this small business class offering, please contact our office at 952-469-9444, or by sending us a quick note:

Real Estate Options for Entrepreneurs: South Metro, MN

CERRON Discusses Real Estate Options for Entrepreneurs with Jessie Mommsen, Owner of Threads and Inks

Real estate options for entrepreneurs was a recent discussion point which came up during a conversation with local entrepreneur, client, and vendor, Jessie Mommsen, owner of Threads and Inks, located in Lakeville, MN. We followed up with Mommsen to find out how business is going since the move into their new building.

Here are a few excerpts from our discussion…


Q. Can you tell our readers a little about what prompted you to contact CERRON Commercial Properties?

A. We were (and continue to be) in a growth phase, and purchasing real estate [verses leasing] made sense as a financial component of our overall business plan at the time. We also only had 600 SF of retail space at the time and were in a location that didn’t allow us the type of exposure we needed to reach our target audience.

Q. Why did you choose to work with Bruce Rydeen?

A. This was actually the second time we worked with Bruce. The first time, he helped us to lease office/warehouse space in the Hebert Buildings in the Airlake Industrial Park in Lakeville. At that time, as I started my business, Bruce, and the building owner, Mark Hebert, respected me as a young business owner (I was 23 when I first started out), and that meant a lot to me. When we were ready to move our business, I chose to contact Bruce because of that previous experience; he is a trusted resource. When working with him to purchase our current building, Bruce was considerate of our budget, our timing, and our overall needs.

Q. How has your new space benefited your business?

A. As they say when considering real estate, “location, location, location!” Our new location attracts many more visitors than our previous location. We tripled our retail showroom space, so we are able to show off a lot more of our available products. Our new building has so much natural sunlight, it not only makes it happy in our space, but it allows our clients to see our products under optimal lighting conditions in an upscale environment as compared to our previous location which lent to more of an industrial focus.

Q. What would you tell other entrepreneurs when considering their real estate options?

A. Don’t be afraid to get creative when you consider a new space. Paint and carpet can be changed. Sometimes, walls can be moved. Landscaping can be updated. We had an electrician add power to our building to accommodate our machinery. Also, be sure to complete your homework [or due diligence] when buying a building. Whether we had our own experts, or needed some recommendations, Bruce helped us to navigate the process from showing to purchase agreement to inspections to title work to closing. For young entrepreneurs, don’t think that you are too young to own a building – you need to do what is right for you and your business, and I also recommend that you work with a broker you trust and who will listen to your needs.


About Threads & Inks: Threads and Inks specializes in custom-decorated clothing. Services include embroidery, printed apparel, letter jackets and patches, and more for students, schools, teams, businesses, organizations and individuals.

Location: 20137 Icenic Trail, Lakeville, MN 55044 (This is the north-west corner of Dodd Blvd and Hwy 50, just north of Kwik Trip and McDonalds.)

Building: 5,716 SF on three levels with production and retail on the main level, office on the upper level and additional storage and specialty retail on the lower level

Website: Threads&Inks

Store Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Threads and Inks Quote: “We have worked with the team at CERRON both times we needed a new space. Bruce took the time to listen to our space & budget requirements and helped to identify the ideal property. He helped us navigate the process and made sure we had everything we needed to get the deal done, and now…we LOVE our new location!” Jessie Mommsen, Owner of Threads & Inks, Lakeville, MN

Our entire team appreciates the opportunity to work with each of our clients and we love to hear how the space is working out for them. If you have a space APPRO and/or CERRON has helped you with, please let us know how it is working for you. If you haven’t worked with us, but would like to learn more about how to start, please feel free to email us or call our office. Our knowledgeable & friendly team is available to answer any question(s) you may have (big or small).



South Metro Building Expansion Nears Completion: Lakeville, MN

QA1 Project Expansion Nears Completion of South Metro Building Expansion

South Metro Building Expansion, by APPRO Development, is just a couple weeks away from completion. This commercial project is an addition onto an existing building for QA1. The site of this project is located in the Airlake Industrial Park located in Lakeville, in the heart of Dakota County, Minnesota.

As you can see, much progress has been made:

QA1-Project Nears Completion by APPRO Development









QA1-Project Nears Completion by APPRO Development-2

You may track the continued progress of this project by linking directly to the progress page for QA1. Over the next few weeks, we will be wrapping up landscaping, final lift of asphalt and completion of gutter/downspout.


Also, if you missed it, you may view the initial Groundbreaking festivities at the onset of this project by reading our previous blog post for the QA1 kick-off. You may also visit QA1’s website for additional information about their company.


If you are thinking about expanding or remodeling your current office, warehouse, industrial or retail facility, feel free to Contact Us today. We would love to work with you and your company on a south metro building expansion project, too!

Why It Pays to Be Likeable in MN

Why It Pays to Be Likeable in MN

APPRO and CERRON share Why it Pays to Be LikeableAfter having adopted more social media into the marketing of our South Metro, MN, design build and commercial real estate businesses at both APPRO and CERRON, we understand more, the importance of “Why it Pays to be Likeable.” So, when we came across this article written by Dave Kerpen on the NFIB website, we knew we needed to share it with our blog readers. “In a world of ‘Likes,’ it pays for a business to be likeable – friendly, approachable, understood – not just in the traditional sense but also in social media.”

Dave Kerpen, the CEO of Likeable Local, a social media software startup for small businesses, conducted a recent webinar for the NFIB in which he “showed how businesses are achieving amazing results with creative social business strategies, exploring what today’s consumers expect from organizations and ways you can exceed customer expectations.”

Dave explains the 7 key ways to be more likeable, which include:

1. Listen.

2. Respond.

3. Tell, don’t sell.

4. Be authentic.

5. Advertise – better.

6. Provide value.

7. Be grateful.

You may read the full article and more details on each of these 7 ways for you and your company to learn Kerpen’s philosophy on why it pays to be likeable by following this LINK.

APPRO and CERRON have been working for more than 25 years to be not just “likeable,” but truly authentic in our approach to create unique property solutions for each of clients to whom we are sincerely grateful for the opportunity to serve. Learn what makes us unique and the services we offer, by visiting our Services page. Please feel free to contact us any time – until then, we will be busy Creating Property Solutions For You…With You!




Lots for Sale at Airlake Creekside Business Park by CERRON Land for sale in south metro, MN seems to be on the rise as APPRO Development, Inc. and CERRON Commercial Properties have seen a recent increase in land sales in the past year. This is not only a positive sign for the economy but for developers, land owners, and businesses alike. APPRO and CERRON have the latest information on commercial real estate MN.

In the past year, our group sold a 14.31 acre parcel on the south side of County Road 70 (215th Street West) and Highview Avenue. We also sold a lot in the Creekside Business Park located just off of the north side of County Road 70 (215th Street West) and Humboldt Court and are in the midst of a metal building project on this site for our client, which can be found on our Project Page.

CERRON has additional land listings available in the South Metro, and all indicators suggest now is the time to invest in land. Take a look at the following Land for Sale, to see if these might be a fit for your group:

1. JJT Business Park: This is a great site just off of Hwy 3 and County Road 42 in Rosemount, MN. The 36 acre site includes rail access and is zoned for manufacturing, distribution, office warehouse, and professional office buildings. With just 17 miles to St. Paul and less than 5 miles to Hwy 52, this is an ideal site for a variety of uses.

2. Bank Owned Industrial Land: This site located on the south side of County Road 70 and Highview Avenue, Lakeville, includes 10.14 platted acres with I-2 zoning for general industrial. This is a pad ready site with rail access via spur, outside storage permitted, and near Lakeville Airport.

3. Creekside Business Park: This site located just off County Road 70 on Humboldt Court, has just three three (3) lots remaining. Remaining lots range from 1.46 acres to 1.78 acres with outside storage permitted and great visibility – all located in MN’s second largest industrial park – Airlake Industrial Park, Lakeville, MN.

This is just a sampling of some of our land for sale in South Metro MN, with more land listings available HERE.

If you have commercial property you would like to sell, please contact our team to learn more about what makes CERRON’s commercial property services the best in the industry, in order to get your property sold at the best price in the least amount of time!

New Improvements Coming to Miracle League Field in Lakeville, Minnesota

Miracle Field Lakeville MNNew improvements coming to Miracle League Field in Lakeville, Minnesota. APPRO Development, Inc., has been thrilled to be involved in the construction of the Miracle Field in Lakeville, MN. It makes us even happier to see what a success the project and programs have been !

We are happy to say that the field will serve 10 teams and over 110 players this year !!

We are presently adding some ramp and access improvements to make it easier for players and spectators to get to the field. The new bleachers being installed will accommodate the cheering friends and families of the players!

Thanks to the subcontractors donating their time and dollars, the Lakeville Baseball Association, Brian Roseen and the Miracle Field Network for allowing us to help in a small way !

I only have to recall the first “exhibition game” played on one of the regular fields at King Park – to understand the relevance of this field . I was standing near the backstop watching one of the players bat and run the bases, and as he rounded third base – headed for home, it was impossible to miss the smile on his face and the joy he felt at that moment he scored his run. He ran up to the woman standing next to me and asked – “Mom – did I do good and will Dad be proud of me?” She said “oh yes Honey – you did great and Dad will be thrilled!”. The hair on my arms stood straight up. EVERY SINGLE CHILD deserves to feel the joy of moments like that. As a bonus – she told her Son they had to leave early, so they could go pick up Dad at the airport – turns out he was returning from his tour in Iraq !

It never ceases to amaze me that whenever you commit to a volunteer effort like this – the rewards of the involvement far exceed the energy put into it. The Lakeville Community embraced this project form day 1, and continues to support it. Over 500 volunteers help in facilitating this worthwhile program each year .

Please consider stopping by the Miracle Field at King Park, on Dodd Road – and cheer on the players, they are the most gracious and happy kids that ever played the game!

APPRO Development has been blessed to be one of the many groups/people helping Miracle Field and all they do to accomplish their mission of making the game of baseball accessible to all children. If you would also like to get involved, you may visit their website at Miracle League MN for more information.