Building an addition for Designed Cacbinets Lakeville MN by APPRO Development

Designed Cabinets is Building an Addition: Lakeville, MN

Designed Cabinets is Building an Addition in Lakeville, MN

2016-11-28 designed cabinets concrete panels and steel erection


Designed Cabinets is building an addition in the Airlake Industrial Park in Lakeville, Minnesota. The scope of this project includes the following:

  • One story building addition with infrastructure to allow for future mezzanine area. The height of this addition was designed to be taller than the existing building; the height was maximized to the point where structure upgrades to the existing building wasn’t required.
  • Removal of under-utilized paved area and excavating for the building addition foundations. This method saved additional storm water ponding areas.
  • The addition features upper and lower windows for more daylight in the storage/shop area than the original building. Also, a large opening between the addition and the original building incorporated into the plan.
  • Mechanical services extended into the addition from the existing building including fire protection sprinklers, plumbing, HVAC.

APPRO Services on this project include:

  • Full Design-Build Services which include the design of the addition and full construction services for this client.
  • Design services contemplating various addition locations and master planning the site for the best location of building expansion.
  •  Tight timeline on this addition as work started in the fall of the year with the goal of being fully enclosed before significant winter construction charges are realized.

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