Addition Construction Complete: Lakeview Bank

Addition construction is now complete for Lakeview Bank located just off of CR-46 (160th Street). The completion of the addition was celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, October 10, 2017. 

2017-10-9 Lakeview Completions  (21).jpg

Attendees at the celebration from Lakeview Bank included staff, board members and shareholders. Tom Mork, the bank’s President, spoke about the gratitude he has for his dedicated team, who patiently worked through the construction phase as they anticipated the increased office space.  Additional attendees of the event included representatives and members of the Lakeville and Burnsville Chambers of Commerce. Members of the APPRO and CERRON team were also in attendance to help celebrate this momentous occasion.  APPRO’s CEO, Jack Matasosky, said a few words at the event, and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with Lakeview Bank, not once, but twice! APPRO built the original bank building and was fortunate to be the builder of choice for this addition project as well.

You may learn more about this project by linking to the following Project Summary for Lakeview Bank

 2017-10-9 Lakeview Completions  (10).jpg Interested in learning more about the construction of an addition for your business?  Check out this link to more information on the process for commercial and industrial building construction here.

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Final - Progressive Rail Exterior of final office warehouse project by APPRO Development


PROGRESSIVE RAIL, LAKEVILLE, MN PROGRESSIVE RAIL includes the construction of an initial 52,143 sq. ft. office/ warehouse facility with an expansion of 50,835 sq. ft. of additional warehouse space located in Lakeville, Minnesota. This building serves as the headquarters for a growing shortline rail service provider. Two-story office constructed of brick exterior walls to recall the look of rail freight …

General Contractor Industrial Buildings are Booming – New Update!

General Contractor Industrial Buildings / Projects are on the Rise

general contractor industrial buildings update by APPRO DevelopmentGeneral contractor industrial buildings are increasing at a significant rate, according to APPRO Development, Inc., a Lakeville, MN general contractor and design-build construction firm.

Per Katie Clark Sieben, MN DEED Commissioner, in a recent article in the Minneapolis StarTribune, “Shovels are turning for Twin Cities Industrial Projects,” “We are seeing hundreds of business expansions happening in the metro and in the greater Minnesota.” Ms. Sieben attended five in one week alone, and recently attended the Menasha Expansion project by APPRO.

The team at APPRO Development has broken ground on multiple industrial expansion and addition projects throughout Minnesota in past year, further attesting to the growth that has been measured and reported by NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, stating, “Nationally, the commercial real estate market grew at the strongest pace in the past year since the economic recovery began in 2011…and the overall outlook for the industry through 2015 is expected to grow between 8 and 15 percent.”

You may review current progress on general contractor industrial buildings by APPRO’s team by clicking on any of the following links:

Our team is available at 952.469.2171, or by completing the following form, if you should have any questions for us:

Lakeville Expansion Project at Menasha Packaging Awarded to APPRO

Lakeville Expansion Project Awarded to APPRO Development for work on Menasha PackagingLakeville  Expansion Project for Menasha Packaging - Front2 -by APPRO Development

Lakeville Expansion Project in south metro, MN has begun after being awarded to APPRO Development, a Lakeville, Minnesota based General Contractor and Design-Build firm. This project consists of a manufacturing and office addition for Menasha Packaging. More information on the project may be found by visiting our Current Project page.

APPRO Development is honored to have been chosen as the general contractor on this Lakeville expansion project and our entire team looks forward to helping our client achieve their goal of increasing their building space as their company continues to grow.
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The groundbreaking event occurred on Wednesday, August 27, 2014:
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Manufacturing Construction Updates

Manufacturing Construction Updates: A Current Perspective on U.S. Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities

Manufacturing Construction Updates discussed by Kathy Morse“Manufacturing is coming back to the U.S., both in terms of jobs and demand for industrial facilities,” according to Robert Carr, in his recent article, “Manufacturing Sector Benefits from Hi-Tech Efficiency” in the National Real Estate Investor (NREI). This is an insightful article for both the manufacturing industry and for our organizations – APPRO Development, Inc. and CERRON Commercial Properties, LLC, as a commercial building services providers to the manufacturing industry. Some of Carr’s key points are:

  • We will see a larger number of manufacturing facilities in the years ahead
  • Larger, aged manufacturing facilities have [and will continue to] become functionally obsolete
  • [Many of] the new properties will…consist of expansions by current companies
  • The U.S. remains a manufacturing powerhouse today and that the trends we are seeing take shape in the market decidedly favor manufacturing
  • The manufacturing sector is actually above pre-recession volume (in terms of dollar value before and after the recession for the value of construction)

We are working with many business owners – in manufacturing, and other industries – who account for this improvement. Whether the need is to build a new facility, to add on to an existing site, or simply remodel, we help walk our clients through all their options. They have the information they need to then make the decisions to bring continued success to their organization. If you have considered a change in your building (manufacturing, industrial or other commercial building type), and want more information on current commercial construction trends, please give our team a call. We can help walk you through the process. Our process starts with a simple phone call or email, and we can guide you from there. No pressure, no stress – we are here to help! Give us a call today at 952-469-9444.

Commercial Project Updates: Lakeville, MN

Commercial Project Updates by APPRO Development, Inc. – Lakeville, MN

APPRO Development, Inc. has launched a variety of new projects in Lakeville, MN over the past month. Two projects I am currently managing, include: Recycle Minnesota (a subsidiary of Dick’s Sanitation) and ProRail AMVAC II.

Recycle Minnesota (an expansion project for Dick’s Sanitation): The project consists of a 34,170 SF renovation of an existing office warehouse building into a recycle facility. The scope of this project will include new dock and doors and conveyor pits. Additional components of this project to include: excavation, sawcutting, HVAC, and sprinkler systems. Dick’s Sanitation and its new Recycling Center are located in Lakeville’s Airlake Industrial Park. This is one of the largest industrial parks in the state of Minnesota. You may see details and follow the progress of this project HERE.



ProRail AMVAC II: This project consists of remodel and expansion work to increase the existing 8 – 10,000 gallon tanks by adding another 8 tanks for a total of 16 tanks on this site. Additional work on this site to include: concrete, process piping, caulking and electrical among others. You may learn more about this project or see more details HERE.

If you have a question about the maintenance of your existing building, or are considering a building project and need a quote, please consider calling or emailing us. We are happy to help you with your building needs!

Imperial Plastics – Interior Virtual Tour

Imperial Plastics – Mankato is now complete!

Imperial Plastics Virtual Tour

See the virtual tour of the project HERE.

Project Summary: The Imperial Plastics Production Facility is located in Eastwood Energy Center, Mankato, Minnesota. This is a new production facility for a growing Minnesota based plastics manufacturer. The project for the shell building consisted of the erection of a total of 124,368 square feet on a vacant lot, including production, warehouse, office, and mezzanine space. APPRO Development, Inc., is proud to be the design-builder/general contractor on this project, bringing more than 27 years of commercial construction experience to the table. You may also view a summary of the project by clicking HERE.

If you are interesting in discussing a similar project, please contact our team. We have a full service team with design and architecture, financial management and project management, to assist you with every step in the process of creating a property solution to meet your specific needs. Our team is just a click or a phone call away.

Industrial Production Facility Construction Nears Completion: Mankato, MN

Imperial Plastics Industrial Production Facility Construction Nears Completion in Mankato, MN

The newest industrial production facility construction by APPRO Development, Inc. is nearing completion. A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) has been issued on the Imperial Plastics Mankato project (click link to see more project photos). Owner furnished equipment installation (e.g. process piping, racking and cranes) is well under way and the final interior finishes are being installed which include: carpet, paint, and ceramic tile, to name a few.

It does not seem all that long ago that APPRO Development, along with representatives from near and far, came to celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony for Imperial Plastics as they kicked off construction of this 124,000 SF (approximate) manufacturing/production facility. Although, it was a whole lot sunnier and warmer back in August than it is now as we near the end of January 2014, the time has gone by rather quickly and we find ourselves nearing the time to turn over the keys. APPRO Development is targeting the end of February to turn the building over to the owner.

Do you have an existing building in the Mankato area and wondered, “what can I do with an existing warehouse building?” You may need some design ideas or a free market analyis. Or, possibly a new building is in your future, as you address your company needs. It is never too early to contact our professional team. Our no obligation initial consultation may provide just the answers you have been looking for. These were the first steps in working with this client and we would be happy to help you find a solution for your business, too. Contact our knowledgeable, friendly team today.

Warehouse Building Considerations: Midwest Review

Warehouse Building Considerations – What you should know before you buy, build or remodel

Warehouse building considerations have been a topic of discussion of late, as one of the building types APPRO/CERRON is frequently contacted about for real estate and construction projects happens to be warehouse projects. There have been some great deals on warehouses in the last few years, and a potential buyer is often posed with the dilemma of whether it makes the most sense to buy an existing building and spend the money to renovate it to his or her company’s individual needs, or design and build a warehouse custom built to those needs.

To build new, one potentially loses out capitalizing on the devaluation of existing buildings (the availability of which are quickly diminishing on the commercial market). To renovate, however, often means to compromise on some of the features of the building, and/or to invest money into a building whose components might not all last as long as those in a new building.

With APPRO pricing your projects, you can weigh the various pros and cons of either option to come up with a solution that best fits your needs before proceeding to hire us to assist you along whichever solution (buy, remodel, add or build) you choose.

Some of the other considerations that we’ve seen owners look at include more detailed considerations (or checklist), like the following:

  • What are the clear height dimensions and door size dimensions that will work best for you?
  • Are super-flat floors a requirement for forklift traffic, more typical of higher clear height warehouses?
  • Are steel fibers or a special floor coating required for wear?
  • Will high-speed racking be utilized?
  • What height will the product be stored to, and what will be stored in the warehouse, as this affects sprinkler coverage, and associated cost?
  • How susceptible will the walls be to damage from forklifts, which will affect whether the exterior walls are precast, metal or something else?
  • Will rail access be a consideration?
  • Will a loading dock be needed, as is typical, or just drive-in doors that close at pavement height?
  • If a loading dock is needed, will the design include locks to attach the truck to the dock while loading or unloading?
  • Is it important for the truck to be able to engage its dock and park, and then open truck doors (drive through docks); or is it OK to open truck doors before backing into its dock space?
  • Will there need to be a stop and go light system in place for trucks?
  • Will a canopy be needed above the overhead doors?
  • What kind of grade is acceptable driving in and out of the docks for trucks?
  • Will the warehouse need to be heated and/or cooled? Insulated?

There are more considerations, of course, than those above. But take a look at the list and consider which of these options are important to you when you make that all-important decision to buy or design/build.

Whether you are just starting the process or have been considering your building needs for a while, allow our team to assist you with any questions you may have about the construction (remodeling, additions or new building) process. We are here to help!

South Metro Building Expansion Nears Completion: Lakeville, MN

QA1 Project Expansion Nears Completion of South Metro Building Expansion

South Metro Building Expansion, by APPRO Development, is just a couple weeks away from completion. This commercial project is an addition onto an existing building for QA1. The site of this project is located in the Airlake Industrial Park located in Lakeville, in the heart of Dakota County, Minnesota.

As you can see, much progress has been made:

QA1-Project Nears Completion by APPRO Development









QA1-Project Nears Completion by APPRO Development-2

You may track the continued progress of this project by linking directly to the progress page for QA1. Over the next few weeks, we will be wrapping up landscaping, final lift of asphalt and completion of gutter/downspout.


Also, if you missed it, you may view the initial Groundbreaking festivities at the onset of this project by reading our previous blog post for the QA1 kick-off. You may also visit QA1’s website for additional information about their company.


If you are thinking about expanding or remodeling your current office, warehouse, industrial or retail facility, feel free to Contact Us today. We would love to work with you and your company on a south metro building expansion project, too!