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Dick’s Valley Service – New Building in Apple Valley

Dick’s Valley Service – New Building: Apple Valley, MN A new design build project for APPRO Development.  We are constructing a second building for Dick’s Valley Service Apple Valley, MN – at the NE corner of Johnny Cake Ridge Rd and Upper 147th Street W. To watch the progress of this project, see the images below and check back frequently. …

Lease, Buy or Build

Lease, Buy, or Build: How To Know Which Is Right for Your Business

Whether you’re launching a new business, expanding an existing one, or simply need to move locations for one reason or another, you’ll need to decide whether to lease, buy, or build a property. And with current construction lead times, it’s important to make this decision early on. If you don’t, you could be in for a long wait before you …

Tips to Selecting a Reputable, Trustworthy and Dependable General Contractor

Are you looking at constructing a building remodel, addition, or new building? A construction project is a huge task and investment so you want to make sure you choose a General Contractor that will fit your company’s needs. The following tips can help you choose a reputable, trustworthy and dependable General Contractor.

In this blog article, you will:

  • Learn tips and techniques for searching for a reputable Commercial General Contractor
  • Check out links to additional blog articles on commercial construction
  • Meet our construction team – from architectural designers to project managers to our administration team members

We hope you enjoy this helpful summary!

Where to start searching for a reputable and trustworthy general contractor:

checklist– Start by determining your company’s building service needs – Check out our helpful new building checklist

– Compile a List of Possible Contractors

– Conduct Interviews – Meet our team

– Research Contractors Current Construction Projects & Past Commercial and/or Industrial Projects – do they have the necessary skills and expertise to work on your specific project?

– Check References – learn about completed projects from references provided. Did the project come in on budget? Was the project completed on time?

– Remember the Lowest Quote Isn’t Always the Best Quote – at APPRO, we competitively bid our projects, but there are many factors to take  into consideration in addition to cost – ability to deliver and complete their portion of work on time, ability to work into the overall schedule, compliance with insurance requirements, relationships (e.g. maybe you as the building owner have close ties with a particular vendor or subcontractor). 


With more than 30 years of experience in providing commercial land development, design build and project management services , we have the knowledge and talent to make your goals a reality. Whether your project is small or large, we have a dedicated team designed to work with you.

At APPRO Development, Inc., we work with you, the owner, to provide competitive bids for your projects and share that information you need to make an informed decision. By having our sister company, CERRON Commercial Properties, LLC, involved in the process, we streamline the construction process for those who choose to work with both of our companies. Those who choose only one or the other of our two companies, also benefit from our expertise and understanding the steps needed to bring a project to successful completion.

We hope you will choose to work with the team at APPRO Development, Inc. as you consider all of your construction options.

Whatever you choose, please feel free to reach out to our team with any questions you may have!


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Construction and General Contracting News


So much is going on in construction and general contracting! As a leading south metro MN general contractor, our team thought it would be helpful to our readers to share some of the latest articles we have been following in the world of commercial construction. 

If you are a business owner and interested in real estate, development, commercial buildings, construction or the building process including project management, you have come to the right place!

In this article we will share some of our recent favorite articles related to property solutions, featuring building and construction.


The following list includes articles we have recently come across and thought you might also find helpful or just downright interesting!

 Construction Innovation

Roof Leaks – Where to check

 Top 10 Green Building Products for 2016

Commercial Drones – Eyes in the Sky

As you can see, there is a lot going on in the world of commercial construction, and this is just a small sampling. What are you currently interested in? Leave a comment below to share with us what interests you. We would love to hear from you and try to incorporate your ideas into future posts!

Additionally, you may find the following articles from our archive of interest as well:

Architecture Services

Roofing Maintenance

Commercial Construction Project Timeline


Whether you are a building owner or a tenant, there is a lot you should know as a business owner about the space from which you conduct your business. Contact our team today with any questions you may have about construction, general contracting, project management, development or the real estate process. We are here to help!



Construction Lending – Good News!

Construction Lending is Booming and that is Good News for us all!

construction lending is booming - go to APPRODEVELOPMENT.com to build your building today“Construction Lending Booming Again” was an article recently published on GlobeStreet.com by Jennifer LeClaire.

In this article, Greg Winchester explains more on just what is driving this trend…

“Gauging by Trimont Real Estate’s pipeline, the return is real. Trimont is reporting a 12.9% increase over the past 18 months. The company says these numbers reflect an hike in construction activity nationwide,” according to Greg Winchester.

The team at APPRO Development has seen a definite increase in building projects this year with many utilizing financing options that were not available in the past.

According to multiple sources, including the Trimont loan administration monitor, McGraw Hill Construction data, and the Fed’s Beige book, among others, all indicate the same thing – there is an uptick in construction lending and that is good for us all!

You may read the full article here: Construction Lending Booming Again.


Need to discuss options for financing your next construction project?

Our team of experts is here to help guide you through the process. We have worked with a variety of lenders over the years, forging strong relationships and would be happy to recommend a reputable lender for your next construction project. Feel free to call us at 952-469-2171.

Manufacturing Construction Updates

Manufacturing Construction Updates: A Current Perspective on U.S. Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities

Manufacturing Construction Updates discussed by Kathy Morse“Manufacturing is coming back to the U.S., both in terms of jobs and demand for industrial facilities,” according to Robert Carr, in his recent article, “Manufacturing Sector Benefits from Hi-Tech Efficiency” in the National Real Estate Investor (NREI). This is an insightful article for both the manufacturing industry and for our organizations – APPRO Development, Inc. and CERRON Commercial Properties, LLC, as a commercial building services providers to the manufacturing industry. Some of Carr’s key points are:

  • We will see a larger number of manufacturing facilities in the years ahead
  • Larger, aged manufacturing facilities have [and will continue to] become functionally obsolete
  • [Many of] the new properties will…consist of expansions by current companies
  • The U.S. remains a manufacturing powerhouse today and that the trends we are seeing take shape in the market decidedly favor manufacturing
  • The manufacturing sector is actually above pre-recession volume (in terms of dollar value before and after the recession for the value of construction)

We are working with many business owners – in manufacturing, and other industries – who account for this improvement. Whether the need is to build a new facility, to add on to an existing site, or simply remodel, we help walk our clients through all their options. They have the information they need to then make the decisions to bring continued success to their organization. If you have considered a change in your building (manufacturing, industrial or other commercial building type), and want more information on current commercial construction trends, please give our team a call. We can help walk you through the process. Our process starts with a simple phone call or email, and we can guide you from there. No pressure, no stress – we are here to help! Give us a call today at 952-469-9444.

Spring Rains and Roof Maintenance Time

Roof Maintenance: These April Showers bringing May Flowers also usher in a time to check the health of your roof!

Spring rains and the impending storm season are an ideal time to conduct some roof maintenance. According to a recent E-Newsletter by one of our roofing subcontractors, BL Dalsin Roofing, “All roofs are vulnerable to deficiencies that lead to leaks. Extreme weather and seasonal freeze thaw cycles can damage your roof…’Corrective Roof Maintenance’ should happen when existing critical defects could lead to a threat to your building interior, such as water damage. By proactively performing maintenance on your roof you are managing your ‘Roof Asset’ preventing potential problems that can turn into critical defects and possible water intrusion.”

Some of the roof maintenance activities you should consider, according to the same E-Newsletter, includes:

Roof Inspection: Conduct a visual survey of the exterior condition of your roof system and related sheet metal work. Look for deterioration or damage that has occurred between [roof reviews].

General Upkeep: Clear debris from the roof surface, gutters, interior drains and through-wall scuppers. Debris can cause water to pond, which causes premature aging of the roof and could cause significant damage to the roof system.

Roof Maintenance: Maintenance…can include replacing deteriorated sealant on metal flashing, refilling pitch pans, re-sealing suspect flashing at equipment curbs and perimeters, and securing drain clamps and rain collars at pipe penetrations.

Please contact our team to discuss any concerns you may have about your roof and if required, connect you to a qualified roofing company.

Work Environment Design Ideas to Help Reduce the Cost of Employee Turnover, Improve Employee Health and Increase Your “Green Initiatives”

Healthy Work Environment Design Ideas Help Employers, Employees and the Environment!

Showers at work??? Creating a “lounge feeling” in the business place???

What would make the cost for such employee “luxuries” worth the investment?

Boosting employee morale, reducing turnover, encouraging healthier employees, and

making bicycling to work a feasible option…that’s why it’s worth the investment!

There are some simple changes you can do as a business owner to help make the work environment more comfortable for your employees, and in turn more profitable for you! Employee turnover and healthcare costs are huge expenses, so focusing on employee retention and health, are constantly desired goals.

What are some things you can do to create a healthy work environment for your current facility or office, or consider when acquiring a new space??? Here’s a list of a few easy, or relatively easy changes:

work environment design ideas - lighting & cheerful paint Image Source: APPRO Development, Inc.

Lighting – “A dreary office lacking light and color can cause depression and a lack of motivation. Brighten up the space with a soothing paint job, green plants, and tasteful artwork. If it is not possible to fix up the environment (i.e. a warehouse or factory), make sure you offer adequate breaks and a break room where employees can relax, eat, and rest.” (As noted on WikiHow’s website article, “How to Improve Employee Morale”.)

As simple as it may be, a fresh coat of cheery paint or changing the type of bulbs you currently use can have a HUGE impact on your employees’ comfort and productivity! “The quality of lighting in a workplace can have a significant effect on productivity. With adequate lighting workers can produce more products with fewer mistakes, which can lead to a 10-50 % increase in productivity. Good lighting can decrease errors by 30-60% as well as decrease eye-strain and the headaches, nausea, and neck pain which often accompany eyestrain. Adequate lighting allows workers to concentrate better on their work which increases productivity.” (As noted in “Lighting in the Workplace”.)

Work Environment Design Ideas - Showers at work Image Source: Sunflower Cottage

Shower facilities – The CDC encourages employers to get on board with healthy work environments by encouraging physical activity! “Worksite campus design encourages incorporating physical activity into daily routines. Encouraging employee physical activity on-site can include building safe walking trails or paths on the company campus, installing showers for joggers and exercisers, and installing gyms with aerobic and weight training equipment…”

Keep it simple & let your employees provide their own towels & soap. All you have to do is provide a clean shower with warm water and lockers for your employees to keep their own supplies in!

work environment design ideas - water bottle refill stationWater bottle refill station – Here’s another quick improvement to your workplace – install a water bottle refill station and you will obtain several benefits!

  • Increase water consumption to improve employees’ alertness, concentration, performance AND safety! Learn more at http://www.naturalhydrationcouncil.org.uk/wp- content/uploads/2012/06/Hydration-at-Work.pdf
  • Reduce waste – refillable/reusable bottles are better for the environment
  • $ saved – less trash = less waste management fees

Idea: Occasionally provide lemons or limes for your employees to add to their water – an easy way to treat your employees and show that you care!

Click HERE to see an example of the water bottle refill stations for both indoors and out.

Bike Racks – Another bonus to installing showers is that it encourages employees to ride their bike to work, which along with the obvious health benefits, reduces auto-emissions and the amount of traffic in your parking lots. Help keep your employees’ bikes safe while they work by providing a “bike commuters’ station” – a well designed rack is all you really need, but going an extra step to put in a concrete pad and adequate lighting would look nice, or go all out and install a canopy over the bike racks to protect the bikes from sun damage or rain.

Work Environment Design Ideas - Winter Biking is Possible! Image Source: Green Streets Initiative
In the WINTER??? Yep, read how: http://gogreenstreets.org/blog/bicycle-commuting-winter-its-not-difficult-it-seems

A great resource for understanding why and how employee health is so important is, “Healthy Workforce 2010 and Beyond… An essential health promotion sourcebook for both large and small employers” written by Partnership for Prevention and the Labor, Immigration & Employee Benefits Division – U.S. Chamber of Commerce, where they state:

“…organizations need to view employee health as a productivity strategy rather than as an exercise in health care cost management. Over the past decade, the emerging discipline of Health and Productivity Management (HPM) has shown that health and productivity are ‘inextricably linked’ and that a healthy workforce leads to a healthy bottom line.”

Take a look around your office or workplace; if you have one employee or one thousand, it’s up to you to decide if a small expense upfront is worth years of money saved. We are here to help you make the improvements needed to improve your workplace and to help conserve your bottom line. Please contact us to discuss making your workplace one that helps to retain employees and benefits you!