Cardinal Glass Addition Project - Pre-Construction-01

Cardinal Glass Office Remodel: Northfield, MN

Cardinal Glass Office Remodel: Northfield, MN A new project is under way for Cardinal Glass, located in Northfield, Minnesota. This project will consist of 7,578 square feet of additional space to the existing building, and a remodel of the existing manufacturing offices. Interior demolition and demolition of an exterior wall will occur to make room for the expansion of the …

Delmar Building Addition 2021 Complete

Delmar North Building Addition: Lakeville, MN

Delmar North Building Addition: Lakeville, MN The Delmar north building addition project in Lakeville, Minnesota is well under way. This design-build project by Appro Development, Inc., is an addition to the existing Delmar company’s building, of approximately 10,254 square feet, to include a connecting link between two buildings. The exterior wall panel construction will match the existing concrete pre-cast wall …

Miller Hartwig Insurance Remodel with Second Floor Addition

Miller Hartwig Insurance Remodel with Second Floor Addition Project Summary: New office remodel with second floor addition approximately 2,572 sq. ft. in Lakeville, MN, project done by APPRO Development. Services Provided by APPRO: Full design build package If you’d like to know more about this client and their business click here   APPRO Development has been a design-build company since …

Immanuel Dental Addition Project

Dental Office Expansion: Immanuel Dental

Dental Office Expansion: Immanuel Dental, Farmington, MN. Existing dental office has started an expansion project at Immanuel Dental located in Farmington, MN. A 1,200 square foot single story addition to the existing building. The addition to match the existing building finishes at the exterior and similar finishes on the inside of the addition to match the inside of the existing …

Addition Construction Complete: Lakeview Bank

Addition construction is now complete for Lakeview Bank located just off of CR-46 (160th Street). The completion of the addition was celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, October 10, 2017. 

2017-10-9 Lakeview Completions  (21).jpg

Attendees at the celebration from Lakeview Bank included staff, board members and shareholders. Tom Mork, the bank’s President, spoke about the gratitude he has for his dedicated team, who patiently worked through the construction phase as they anticipated the increased office space.  Additional attendees of the event included representatives and members of the Lakeville and Burnsville Chambers of Commerce. Members of the APPRO and CERRON team were also in attendance to help celebrate this momentous occasion.  APPRO’s CEO, Jack Matasosky, said a few words at the event, and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with Lakeview Bank, not once, but twice! APPRO built the original bank building and was fortunate to be the builder of choice for this addition project as well.

You may learn more about this project by linking to the following Project Summary for Lakeview Bank

 2017-10-9 Lakeview Completions  (10).jpg Interested in learning more about the construction of an addition for your business?  Check out this link to more information on the process for commercial and industrial building construction here.

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ImageTrend – Expansion, Lakeville, Minnesota

ImageTrend – Expansion, Lakeville, Minnesota A 2-story office expansion and an addition, including a daycare for a software development company, located in Minnesota’s South Metro region. The Building Expansion included: Mass site excavation for new foundation, concrete slab on grade for the lower level, exterior pre-cast concrete floor planks and structural members for the first floor framing with structural steel …

Lakeville General Contractor - Fulford Addition Project by APPRO Development

Lakeville General Contractor Completes work on 21350 Cedar Ave Addition

Lakeville General Contractor APPRO Development Completes Work on 21350 Cedar Avenue Addition APPRO Development, Inc., a Lakeville General Contractor, is pleased to announce the completion of a major building expansion project for the Fulford Group. This addition project is located at the intersection of Cedar Avenue and County Road 50 in Lakeville. The project highlights include: 182,975 SF warehouse expansion Site …

Reducing Your Renovation Costs by Thinking Green


Save money during renovation and constructionReducing Your Renovation Costs by Thinking Green – Economical, Green Solutions for Renovations & Commercial Building Projects in South Metro Minnesota and North Dakota is offered by APPRO Development, Inc. & CERRON Commercial Properties.

Being “thrifty”, “cost conscious” and “green” is something we’ve hopefully all learned to do over the past few years of economic change. The positive impacts of implementing good business practices, is good for both your bottom line and the environment, a double bonus! Instead of hastily throwing something away, find a way to re-purpose the item to save you money and help prevent our landfills from over flowing, something we all benefit from.


During renovations or commercial building project, there are potentially ways to donate or sell items that you no longer need. Countertops, office equipment and other items could become a tax write off* or benefit someone else. If you have customized or industrial equipment you no longer use, it could be listed for sale, potentially offering you more cash for your project!


If you’ve decided to build or remodel a space that you own, lease, or are new property you are searching for, we are happy to help you find an economical solution by possibly re-using items and finding cost conscious options. For example, let’s say you want to open a restaurant; there may be options for purchasing used kitchen equipment vs. buying everything new. In remodeling, you may be able to reuse countertops. Take a moment to look at what you have as a way of saving $ during your project! Additional financial information for your project is available on our website for cost segregation, 1031 tax deferred exchange and finance resources.


Remodeling or building, in an office space, bank, hotel, restaurant, warehouse, industrial, or other commercial buildings, whatever your needs are, we work with our vendors and subcontractors to ensure that we are providing our clients with the best pricing available, while providing green alternatives. Here is an example;


Recently, we had a project that we tested lighting in and opted to remove as it didn’t serve the needed purpose. Instead of being frustrated with the failed test and throwing out the lights, we stopped and asked, “Is there someone who could benefit from these materials instead of throwing them away?” A short internet search led us to the MN Association of Community Theatres, where we found four theaters in the south metro, who are now the elated recipients of new lighting. It has brought us joy knowing that we have been able to provide our community theater, Lakeville Area Arts Center, along with the Northfield Arts Guild, Mankato Mosaic Theatre Company and New Ulm Actors Community Theatre with much needed lighting.


The next time you are considering a remodel, expansion / addition or new building, know that there are options out there to be as economical & green as possible! We’re here to assist you in using your dollars as best as possible to ensure the success of YOUR business. Please contact us to discuss your options at 952-469-2171 (APPRO Development, Inc.) or 952-469-9444 (CERRON Commercial Properties).



*As with all financial matters, please consult your tax and/or financial advisor for advice/impacts regarding your specific situation.