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Twin Cities Land Development: Creekside Business Park, Lakeville, MN

Twin Cities Land Development: Creekside Business Park, Lakeville, MN TWIN CITIES LAND DEVELOPMENT PROJECT DESCRIPTION A 14.6 acre site, platted into 6 lots (up to 4.91 acres in size) surrounding  a 660 ft cul-de-sac and is located adjacent to the 2nd largest business park in Minnesota. SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Lots available for development Sedimentation and infiltration ponds required due to adjacent South …

Land for Sale in Dakota County MN

Land for sale in Dakota County MN includes new listings by our team at CERRON Commercial Properties.  New lots have opened up in the Airlake Industrial Park located just a few miles east of Interstate I-35 and just off of Cedar Avenue (CR-77) in Lakeville, Minnesota. These lots range in size from just under an acre to over 20 acres, and may easily accommodate a variety of building sizes. 

Airlake Station includes lots totaling approximately 20 acres and are located in C-2 Commercial Zoning which allows for a variety of building types. Airlake Development includes a variety of lots in various locations within the Airlake Park. 

 You may learn more about the available options located in the growing Dakota County community of Lakeville, by reviewing the active listings pages below:

If you are interested in learning more or have questions for our team, please contact the listing agent for these properties, Bruce Rydeen.


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Airlake Industrial Park’s Neighbor, First Park to Welcome FedEx

Airlake Industrial Park & First Park neighbor to welcome FedEx in Lakeville MNAirlake Industrial Park’s Neighbor, First Park to Welcome FedEx Facility

Airlake Industrial Park’s Neighbor, First Park to welcome FedEx facility to Lakeville, MN. The new 94,000 square foot industrial facility is great news for First Park and neighboring Airlake Industrial Park, the second largest industrial park in the state of Minnesota. The campus will begin with three buildings and an additional twelve acres for potential future expansion, in addition to bringing as many as 250 jobs to the city of Lakeville, MN.

The new FedEx facility is planned to be located on the southeast corner of Dodd and CR-70 (215th St W). President of APPRO Development, a longtime Airlake Industrial Park& Lakeville area developer and Lakeville Economic Development Commission member, Jack Matasosky said, “It is with pleasure we welcome FedEx and we are thrilled they chose Lakeville for their new site! This is a benefit not just for the area industrial parks, but also for the city of Lakeville. We are seeing a lot of activity in Lakeville right now and it’s just great to see a project of this scope get off the ground!”

More information on this activity can be found in a recent Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal article, “FedEx plans new 250-person warehouse for suburban worker shift” released, September 25, 2014.

If you are interested in constructing a new facility in Lakeville, please see our available land list, or contact our team for more information on starting a new building project.

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Commercial Developers Applaud Recent Decision

Commercial Developers Applaud Supreme Court Decision

land development on wetland legal decisionAt APPRO Development, a commercial land developer providing design-build and general contractor services across the midwest, we were intrigued by a recent article titled, “Supreme Court Decision Involving Wetlands Helpful to Developers”, by Cleve and Rye.

“On June 25th, 2013, the Supreme Court of the United States expanded the circumstances under which the government may be liable for overreaching in making demands from a property owner as conditions for a permit approval.” According to a recent summary article relating to this decision, written by Gary A. Van Cleve and Timothy A. Rye, of Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Ltd., “the court has now clarified…that the government can be held liable for overreaching demands regardless of whether the permit is granted with conditions or denied because the property owner refused to accept the conditions. The court also said…that a condition in the form of a payment of money is subject to scrutiny for potential government overreach.”

This recent ruling should be considered a “win” for land owners, “since it expands the situations where the constitutional tests of nexus and rough proportionality will be applied in determining whether there is government overreach in exacting a price on a property owner as a condition for a permit approval.”

APPRO Development, Inc. has been developing land in the midwest, including North Dakota and Minnesota, since 1987. We have helped land owners navigate the seemingly daunting processes involved in land development, by starting with the creation of a comprehensive schedule for you. If you are a land owner and would like to discuss development options, please Contact Us today.

Reducing Your Renovation Costs by Thinking Green


Save money during renovation and constructionReducing Your Renovation Costs by Thinking Green – Economical, Green Solutions for Renovations & Commercial Building Projects in South Metro Minnesota and North Dakota is offered by APPRO Development, Inc. & CERRON Commercial Properties.

Being “thrifty”, “cost conscious” and “green” is something we’ve hopefully all learned to do over the past few years of economic change. The positive impacts of implementing good business practices, is good for both your bottom line and the environment, a double bonus! Instead of hastily throwing something away, find a way to re-purpose the item to save you money and help prevent our landfills from over flowing, something we all benefit from.


During renovations or commercial building project, there are potentially ways to donate or sell items that you no longer need. Countertops, office equipment and other items could become a tax write off* or benefit someone else. If you have customized or industrial equipment you no longer use, it could be listed for sale, potentially offering you more cash for your project!


If you’ve decided to build or remodel a space that you own, lease, or are new property you are searching for, we are happy to help you find an economical solution by possibly re-using items and finding cost conscious options. For example, let’s say you want to open a restaurant; there may be options for purchasing used kitchen equipment vs. buying everything new. In remodeling, you may be able to reuse countertops. Take a moment to look at what you have as a way of saving $ during your project! Additional financial information for your project is available on our website for cost segregation, 1031 tax deferred exchange and finance resources.


Remodeling or building, in an office space, bank, hotel, restaurant, warehouse, industrial, or other commercial buildings, whatever your needs are, we work with our vendors and subcontractors to ensure that we are providing our clients with the best pricing available, while providing green alternatives. Here is an example;


Recently, we had a project that we tested lighting in and opted to remove as it didn’t serve the needed purpose. Instead of being frustrated with the failed test and throwing out the lights, we stopped and asked, “Is there someone who could benefit from these materials instead of throwing them away?” A short internet search led us to the MN Association of Community Theatres, where we found four theaters in the south metro, who are now the elated recipients of new lighting. It has brought us joy knowing that we have been able to provide our community theater, Lakeville Area Arts Center, along with the Northfield Arts Guild, Mankato Mosaic Theatre Company and New Ulm Actors Community Theatre with much needed lighting.


The next time you are considering a remodel, expansion / addition or new building, know that there are options out there to be as economical & green as possible! We’re here to assist you in using your dollars as best as possible to ensure the success of YOUR business. Please contact us to discuss your options at 952-469-2171 (APPRO Development, Inc.) or 952-469-9444 (CERRON Commercial Properties).



*As with all financial matters, please consult your tax and/or financial advisor for advice/impacts regarding your specific situation.

APPRO Development, a commercial design and construction company in Minnesota, is celebrating our 25th Anniversary

APPRO Development has been active in land development, design, and construction services since 1987. For the past 25 years, we have helped businesses with their remodel, renovation, building addition, and new construction projects.

We would like to thank all of our clients, subcontractors, friends and family who have made our success possible.

Looking to remodel, expand or build a new commercial, industrial, warehouse or manufacturing facility? Contact APPRO Development for all your design & build needs

Sustainable Commercial Development

Last night, I was watching an interesting program on Minnesota Public Television (TPT) called “Shaping the Urban Environment.” During the show they talked about the challenges and decisions communities are faced with when developing land in an area that has scarce and delicate natural resources. They began by explaining how commercial construction and even residential development of the past generations did not focus on their impact on the local environment, particularly. This piece just reinforced how important it is for development companies to make sure they are integrating green construction options for a sustainable future. This the best way for the commercial construction industry to make sure they are a focus on environmental sustainability. APPRO Development is committed to sustainable construction services and has been for 25 years.

Below is the link if you want to watch the whole program:

The Advantages of Airlake Industrial Park.

Is your business looking for a home? Airlake Industrial Park may be it. The park is located in Lakeville MN and is home to roughly 1,500 acres, 120 businesses, and 4,200 jobs. This park is conveniently located off of I-35 and County Road 70 giving it a transportation advantage over many other locations. Progressive Rail also operates within the park and offers rail transportation as an option for shipping and receiving goods. The park also has an airport that can accommodate corporate jets and helicopters.

Airlake Industrial Park has options for any size and type of business. There are many shovel ready sites if you need a facility built to your exact specifications. APPRO Development resides in and has been involved with the park for nearly 30 years and is a design-build general contractor that can help you with the design and budget pricing of your new facility. There are also many existing facilities for lease or purchase. Cerron Properties is a sister company to APPRO Development and can help you locate the perfect facility to lease or purchase within the park.

If you would like more information regarding the advantages that the Airlake Industrial Park has to offer please contact APPRO Development or Cerron Properties.

Killebrew Miracle Field to open soon !!

It is with GREAT pleasure – that we announce the opening of the new Miracle Field in Lakeville, and the initial season of play for the Miracle League teams! APPRO Development has been directly involved, and has donated the time and effort to design and coordinate the construction of the field. Nate Denny, project manager for APPRO- has facilitated the process to get the field built. Heidi Winsor – was architect / designer for the project. Grand Opening events will be June 26th. www.miraclefieldmn.comlakevillefield.html

Grant Jacobson with Jacobson Engineers and Surveying provided the Civil Engineering ad Surveying for the project.

The City of Lakeville donated the great site for the field.

Subcontractors from Lakeville and the entire Metro Area donated time and products to get this project done.

Kudos to Brian Roseen, and the entire Miracle League Organization for getting this project done ! Thank you for allowing APPRO Development, Inc to be involved !

Please consider allowing APPRO and CERRON to “hit a home run” with your firm, by providing Design / Build and Real Estate services the next time you consider expansion or relocation !