Industrial Lots For Sale MN


Construction starts are up across the state of Minnesota and our team would like to share a list we have compiled of industrial lots for sale in MN, which also includes commercial land, and in general, business land for sale.

Now is a great time to start the construction process and one of your first steps is to select the ideal site for your business. 

You will be able to view available listings in:

  • Scott County
  • Dakota County
  • Rice County
  • Steele County


We have many options of varying sizes in locations all throughout the southern Twin Cities metro area. Whether you are searching for a large industrial lot, or a small commercial parcel, our team either has the ideal site for you, or can help you find your ideal new location. Simply click on the image below to start your search for the ideal commercial or industrial lots for sale in Minnesota.



Industrial lots for sale and business land for sale options exist in many locations, with many options. From raw land to platted lots, many options in a variety of price points exist for you and your business.

Learn more about industrial property solutions.


Click here to contact our “land guru” for more information on a specific property or to set up a search for your ideal site:



Small Business Workshop: South Metro, MN

CERRON is offering a Small Business Workshop in the South Metro area of Minnesota – Sign Up Now!

Small Business Workshop offered by CERRON - Bruce RydeenSmall Business Workshop is being offered by CERRON, in an effort with the Elko New Market Chamber of Commerce, as part of their “Small Business Workshop Series”. The Lakeville Community Ed catalog is out and online registration is now available for this, and many other classes in the series.

This particular small business class being offered by CERRON is to focus on commercial real estate, with the class title appropriately named, “Commercial Real Estate Solutions for Small Businesses” (CRE) and will be held for one night only, on Thursday, October 16, 6:30-8 p.m. The class is to cover the following topics:

  • Types of commercial real estate
  • The dynamics of users versus investors
  • How to define your needs and the best timing for securing a space
  • Advantages of leasing versus buying
  • How to evaluate if building is a suitable option
  • Particulars of leasing:
    • Types of leases/pricing
    • Terms & Conditions
    • Forms & Agreements
  • Particulars of purchasing:
    • Process
    • Offers/Pricing
    • Due Diligence
    • Closing
    • Forms & Agreements

The Elko New Market Chamber of Commerce has created a dedicated page on the Chamber’s website for the series of small business classes being offered with additional information on the Elko New Market Chamber’s Facebook page as well.

You may also print a flyer by clicking on this attachment: Small Business Series – South Metro MN- Flyer – 2014

There are limited spaces, so please plan to sign up early.

For more details on this small business class offering, please contact our office at 952-469-9444, or by sending us a quick note:

Local General Contractor and CRE Co. Present Award: Dakota County, MN

Gift Certificate to Firehouse Grille Awarded

Local General Contractor APPRO & CRE Co CERRON Award Firehouse Grille Drawing - Award to J. ZwartAs a local general contractor and commercial real estate (CRE) company, our team at APPRO Development and CERRON Commercial Properties sends out a Commercial Property Solutions newsletter every month. In our February E-Newsletter, we asked our subscribers for feedback on our companies by completing a survey about working with our team. To encourage participation, the survey respondents were all entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card to the Firehouse Grille, located in Elko New Market, MN.

We were delighted to have so many people respond and grateful for the feedback we received. On Wednesday, March 5th, we held an official drawing for the gift certificate winner, and drew Jeanne Zwart’s name. Jeanne and her family have worked with the team at APPRO and CERRON for many years on multiple commercial property projects. Jeanne was awarded a gift certificate in our Lakeville office on March 19th.

Our sincerest congratulations to Jeanne and many thanks to all those that responded to our recent survey. We truly appreciate your time and feedback!

If you would also like to subscribe to our free monthly E-Newsletter, you may do so, HERE.

The Firehouse Grille is a bar & restaurant located in Elko New Market, Minnesota, and is also a completed project by APPRO & CERRON. You may learn more about this great local restaurant at their website HERE.

Commercial Real Estate Lending – 2014 Outlook

Commercial Real Estate Lending – What the Experts have to say about the 2014 Outlook

Commercial lending review by Jack Matasosky

According to a recent article by the ABA Banking Journal, Commercial Real Estate is coming back! The article caught our attention because commercial lending’s strict standards have had a direct impact on our business. We can go through all the necessary steps to assist our clients with a new purchase or the construction of a new building, but it is the hoops our clients are required to jump through we have found to be a major stumbling block to the process of securing an ideal property solution.

According to Steve Cocheo, in his ABA Banking Journal article, “CRE’s Coming Back”, “Amid indications that commercial real estate credit activity has been picking up again at the nation’s banks, an inter-industry survey reports a strong preference for commercial banks as a source of CRE credit.”

Cocheo further cites a Deloitte Center for Financial Services report, “2014 Commercial Real Estate Outlook: Trimming the sails for growth; business transformation is key,” in which the firm stated:, “Bank lenders are easing their standards, leading to increased CRE lending volumes and a rebound in commercial mortgage-backed securities issuance. Transaction activity and pricing are healthy for prime properties.”

We consider this good news in the commercial real estate lending arena and are optimistic for 2014 to be the year we start to see the pendulum swing in the other direction regarding lending standards.

You may read the full article at the ABA Banking Journal HERE.

As you consider your commercial property needs, contact our expert team at APPRO and CERRON to provide you with the most up to date trends in commercial real estate or commercial construction.

Commercial Real Estate – The Week in Review

Commercial Real Estate – The Week in Review

October 5-11, 2013

CERRON Commercial Properties reviews Office Space Changes Image Source: Wikimedia Commons (State_Office_Building)

It has been a busy week in commercial real estate as CERRON takes a look at the week in review…

Office Spaces & Demands are Changing, according to an article by Costar this week. With a review of the many class A office buildings across the nation, “the increasing age and relative inefficiency of these properties present big challenges and risks for owners and investors as businesses increasingly re-evaluate and re-engineer their office requirements to meet leaner 21st-century workplace needs,” according to Drummer (October 8, 2013) in his Costar Article. With an increase in the amount of technology used to run businesses, a reduction is being seen for the amount of space needed in this sector. Tech firms and call centers are increasing in demand and present an opportunity for owners to market to these potential users.

Developers turn to office space to meet the needs of lodging, according to Melvin Backman at Wall Street Journal, September 24, 2013. As the need for lodging increases, developers are getting creative and turning to office space as a resource to meet this growing need. Examples of this type of space conversion are being seen across the nation. “By converting buildings to hotels, owners hope the buildings will produce higher incomes and better returns on their investments.”

Third quarter data show continuing improvement in the CRE lending market, with banks increasing their exposure in secondary and tertiary markets, according to Eric Hawthorn for Llenrock Blog, October 11, 2013, as originally reported via

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