Commercial Real Estate Lending – 2014 Outlook

Commercial Real Estate Lending – What the Experts have to say about the 2014 Outlook

Commercial lending review by Jack Matasosky

According to a recent article by the ABA Banking Journal, Commercial Real Estate is coming back! The article caught our attention because commercial lending’s strict standards have had a direct impact on our business. We can go through all the necessary steps to assist our clients with a new purchase or the construction of a new building, but it is the hoops our clients are required to jump through we have found to be a major stumbling block to the process of securing an ideal property solution.

According to Steve Cocheo, in his ABA Banking Journal article, “CRE’s Coming Back”, “Amid indications that commercial real estate credit activity has been picking up again at the nation’s banks, an inter-industry survey reports a strong preference for commercial banks as a source of CRE credit.”

Cocheo further cites a Deloitte Center for Financial Services report, “2014 Commercial Real Estate Outlook: Trimming the sails for growth; business transformation is key,” in which the firm stated:, “Bank lenders are easing their standards, leading to increased CRE lending volumes and a rebound in commercial mortgage-backed securities issuance. Transaction activity and pricing are healthy for prime properties.”

We consider this good news in the commercial real estate lending arena and are optimistic for 2014 to be the year we start to see the pendulum swing in the other direction regarding lending standards.

You may read the full article at the ABA Banking Journal HERE.

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