Memorial Dedication to Maynard Johnson

Dedication of Memorial to Maynard B. Johnson

On October 16th, we had the privilege of attending a dedication for a memorial to Maynard Johnson, who had passed away July 16, 2017, at the age of 95. Maynard was one of the original founders of the Airlake Industrial Park, a mentor, and a good friend. It was an honor to be able to attend (and for our owner Jack Matasosky to be able to say a few words at) the dedication ceremony.

The location of the memorial is at Pioneer Plaza, Holyoke Avenue and 208th Street, LakevilleMN 55044

aerial location of memorial.jpg

 Many family members, friends, former colleagues, and City of Lakeville representatives helped to make the dedication special through their attendance. Mayor Doug Anderson, Maynard’s Grandson, Brant Skogrand, Jack Matasosky, and Maynard’s daughter each spoke about Maynard’s contributions to our community through Airlake Industrial Park, as well as Pan-o-Prog

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 You may learn more about Maynard and his work in the early days of the Airlake Industrial Park at the following LINK or by clicking on the image below.


See also some video highlights of the ceremony:


Our Memories of Maynard Johnson


We  are forever grateful for the impact Maynard Johnson had on each of our lives.  Maynard Johnson was born in 1921 and passed away this month (July 16, 2017) at the age of 95. Maynard married his sweetheart, Madeleine (who passed away January, 2017), and together, they raised their family in Minnesota. Maynard made many contributions to our local Lakeville community, which included a vision for the Airlake Industrial Park & economic development of Lakeville, Minnesota. He was instrumental in starting what is now known as “Pan-o-Prog”   (Panorama of Progress), as Lakeville’s annual community celebration. Maynard was even the Grand Marshall of the event in 1983!

Our companies’ owner and co-founder, Jack Matasosky, has long considered Maynard to have not only been his mentor, but a lifelong friend, with a relationship that began when Jack was hired by Maynard in 1978. After Jack co-founded APPRO Development, and later, CERRON Properties, Maynard continued to be a trusted adviser and valued confidante .

 We hope you enjoy learning more about this fascinating Lakeville pioneer, who is forever in our hearts!


Below, you will find a few fun pictures of Maynard Johnson along with some of our favorite memories.


There was the time that Maynard placed an advertisement for Airlake. He set up a desk and phone in one of the empty lots, complete with name sign on the desk and a briefcase full of money. By the way, the money in the photograph is REAL! 

maynard desk_0001.png

Celebrations, Parades and Pan-o-Prog!

Maynard had a knack for big ideas which often included big celebrations…like bringing in the local marching band to celebrate the grand opening of the Airlake Airport. Or, helping to get Pan-o-Prog (Panorama of Progress) started in Lakeville, MN.



Maynard - Airlake Airport.jpg


10-21-1966 maynard_0002.png


After Hitchcock Industries purchased 1,600 acres of land in south Lakeville, Maynard had a vision to make the first of its kind industrial park…what is today known as Airlake Industrial Park. Today, Airlake is home to approximately 150 businesses with just under 250 acres of the original land remaining.

1-16-1973_0001-1.png 1-16-1973_0002.png
Granse 3-5-1971_0002-1.png 1-16-1973_0001.png


And, a very special and cherished memory, was of Maynard’s attendance of APPRO and CERRON’s anniversary party. Shortly after Maynard’s wife, Madeleine, passed away, he attended this event, to everyone’s surprise, and delight! 

Jack and Maynard.jpg


You may learn more about Maynard in the following articles and links:

  • Recent article about Maynard published on July 21, 2017 in the Sun Thisweek, Lakeville Newspaper
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune Article on book written about Maynard’s wisdom shared with his grandson: Maynard’s Memories
  • Past Business Person of the Year list (scroll down the post to see previous year’s winners) awarded by the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce  in 1997
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  • Video about Airlake Industrial Park which includes an interview with Maynard: 




We thank you for allowing us to share a few of our favorite memories of Maynard with you. Our lives have been forever touched by Maynard’s guidance, wisdom and contributions to not just to us personally or to our companies, but to our greater community of Lakeville, Minnesota. 

Our hope is that by sharing a few of our memories, your lives may be touched by the legacy he left, too!

If you have a memory of Maynard, we would love to hear from you…