Mid-Winter Commercial Property Roof Maintenance

The Team at APPRO Development would like to share some commercial property roof maintenance information with you and your team. Commercial and industrial property owners, beware! At this time of the year, it is important to check on the status of your roof. We have had a lot of freeze/thaw activity in the past few weeks, and it may have taken its toll on your roof.

“Lack of maintenance and SNOW REMOVAL can raise the risk of STRUCTURAL COLLAPSE/WATER ENTRY” according to B.L. Dalsin Roofing, a roofing subcontractor with whom we have worked for many years.

According to the same roofing subcontractor, in a recent newsletter:

  • If rain falls on a snow-loaded roof, the weight of the roof snow will increase rapidly.
  • Ice dams that are undetected and hidden under snow drifts increase snow load dramatically.
  • Ice buildup on gutters and downspouts cause weight and pulling that encourage structural damage to your roof.

All of these activities need to be addressed in order to avoid damage to your roof.

We would be happy to help connect you with a local reputable service provider for snow or ice removal and remediation, and to prevent further damage due to the thaw/freeze activity, common during this time of year.

Please contact our team at APPRO for additional details on getting help for your roof and/or your commercial or industrial building.


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Commercial Property Maintenance: Air Filters

Commercial property maintenance is an important component of the life of your commercial building. If you are the person responsible for this maintenance for your business, you may find the following information helpful, if not a little fascinating!

Air filters have a rating scale called “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value” (MERV). The higher the “MERV” number, the more dirt blocked, the lower the number, the less. However, keep in mind, the more dirt blocked, typically will mean a reduction in airflow and your system’s efficiency.

An article recently published in the Dakota Electric newsletter, Circuits, September, 2017, “What Do Different Air Filters Block?” provides a helpful chart which illustrates the various filters available, associated costs, and particles blocked.

epa - filter chart.jpg

Commercial property maintenance managers who are new to their role, and even seasoned managers, will find this information helpful, if not interesting.

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For more information about maintaining your building, please contact our team (whether we built it or not – we are happy to answer any questions you may have)…


 Image Source: Original source was epa.gov/iaq. This image was from the “Circuits” newsletter by Dakota Electric.