Why we love the “Total Cost Summary” & You should too!

The “Total Cost Summary” is a valuable tool:

Knowing all of your costs up front is important to your decision making process. This is why our team has created a “Total Cost Summary” tool. 

In this article, you will learn about costs that you may not have considered when choosing your next commercial space. Our team at APPRO and CERRON has been helping business owners like you since 1987. We know the importance of being up front and helping owners to see the entire picture when it comes to obtaining a new space. This is true whether leasing, purchasing existing or building new.

Key Considerations:

As your business continues to grow, you may have found yourself in need of a new space. As you consider your options, be sure that you are considering all of your costs.  Take for example, you have decided you want to build a new building, and want to budget for all of your potential costs. Here are a few considerations for cost calculations:

1. Cost of land purchase

2. Cost of new construction

3. Cost of moving, equipment

4. Cost of financing

Our Total Cost Summary Worksheet gives you even more details to consider. In a single page worksheet, you will be provided with additional cost considerations in each of these categories. 


Total Construction Costs:

As you have seen, there are many construction cost considerations pertaining to a construction project – whether a new building or a modification of an existing building.  Download your copy today! 


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