School Construction Company Nears Completion of Lakeville Project for Christian Heritage Academy

School Construction Company, APPRO Development, Shares Reflections on Christian Heritage Academy Project

As we near completion of our work on Christian Heritage Academy – we are excited to turn the building over to to the families, teachers, students and staff – just in time for school to start. In the opinion of this school construction company, APPRO considers this project an excellent success story for all involved.

The Christian Heritage Academy (CHA) project is constructed on the same campus as Crossroads Church just to the east of the Dodd and Cedar intersection. Over the course of the project, Crossroads Pastor Paul Marzahn would regularly take video and pictures and add to Facebook to share with both the Crossroads Church congregation and the CHA school families, as all have eagerly anticipated the building’s completion. Additionally, we share a few of our own photos along with those Pastor Marzahn has posted along the way.

We can’t wait for the teachers to occupy their rooms…Examples of two separate classrooms, illustrating how each teacher was able to choose their classroom paint color – each unique, and all with wonderful natural light.

School construction project - classroom with yellow walls.jpg School construction company example of classroom-lavender walls.jpg

Image source: APPRO Development, Inc.


We can’t wait for school to open (with the first day of the school year to start on September 11, 2017)…

 Facebook Kids.jpg

Image Source: Facebook – Christian Heritage Academy Page 

And, we can’t wait to see the children in the spaces that have been built (here are two examples of the completed spaces with the flooring installed and the image to the left featuring  tall windows flooding this space with warm light)…

2017-08-08 CHA Project Nears Completion - picture of empty classroom with flooring.jpg2017-08-08 CHA  (1).jpg

We look forward to the community and relationships that will be an outcome of the CHA and Crossroads partnership, as they engage the children in the Church’s missions and activities.

We set out to find and build a home for the school…the outcome is much, much more – it is a faith community!

2017-08-01 CHA (10)-1.jpg  2017-08-01 CHA (7).jpg  2017-08-01 CHA (9).jpg  2017-08-01 CHA (8)-1.jpg

These are Bible verses written by Pastor Paul before the flooring was laid.

We invite you to view a few links regarding this project…

Aerial drone footage from early stages of the project:

(Aerial footage and video was taken by: FeedbackWRENCH, a Minnesota SEO company

Testimonials- the team at CHA recently shared their thoughts with our team about the project – hear it in their own words!

Project Summary – check out the overall project summary including photos their school was able to view to track and view along the way.

If you are considering a similar project, let us know how we can help. We appreciate the opportunity to discuss your design ideas and help with recommendations for a plan of action, or just to simply answer any preliminary questions you may have.



School Construction Projects: CHA, Lakeville, MN Update

School Construction Projects: Christian Heritage Academy (CHA), Lakeville,  MN Update



The new Christian Heritage Academy building located at 7320 175th Street, Lakeville, Minnesota, is really starting to look like the school that had only previously been a picture on a page. I took a tour of the site today with the project manager, Cam Luong, and could literally envision the staff and the children coming through the front doors, walking the halls, sitting in the classrooms and playing in the gym.  The whole space has a lot of open space and natural lighting which made it feel both welcoming and warm despite its current unfinished state.



As you enter the building, the classroom hall is to the right. As we walked down this hall, I discovered that each classroom has a special feature: a colorful accent wall, chosen by each teacher, ranging in colors of various shades of yellow, green, blue and purple. Each class also has its own coat closet which will house the kids’ backpacks, coats and winter gear, thus keeping the large hallways free of clutter. Little details which make this space more personal, I would think, is the placement of bathrooms in each of the kindergarten classrooms so they don’t have to go out in the hallway and then separate restrooms on the hall for the older kids.


To the left of the entryway, is a doorway that leads into the office space for the principal and administrative staff as well as an extra room for potential growth. I think the staff will love their new digs as it all comes together.

The wing next to the office area is where the gym is located as well as the cafeteria serving area and the lunch room. The gym is a really cool space where the kids will obviously play in addition to having assemblies and performances as there is a large stage overlooking the gym floor. Being in the gym was only disappointing because we didn’t have a basketball to shoot some hoops!

While I was there, there was work actively being done. Ceilings were being installed, painting was being done, and various electrical work was being performed. It seems like just yesterday the ground “blessing” occurred, with just the dirt moved. It’s pretty exciting to see a project come together from the very beginning stages.


SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS - CHA CLASSROOM - YELLOW.jpg I look forward to seeing it when it is complete with the flooring all installed, pictures and artwork hung on the walls, and furniture filling the space. Cam has said that the goal is to be complete at the end of August. I know this will make some teachers, staff and kids super happy since school starts right after the beginning of September!

Until then, I hope you enjoy these pictures we took while we took the tour. Stay tuned for the finished project!

 If you haven’t already visited the Project Page for Christian Heritage Academy, you may do so by clicking on the link HERE.


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