Top 5 Real Estate Trends to Make You Smile


According to a recent article in the Real Estate Journal, they listed their top five list of things to be thankful for in the new year. Our team thinks that this list is something to smile about, and wanted to share with our readers. So, here you go:

1. The Fed raised the rate – because our economy is strong – so that is what should make you smile.

2. More people – both young and old – want to live in urban downtowns. What was once a ghost town, is now thriving. Yay!

3. Unemployment rates are falling – more people back to work and willing to spend – this is definitely good news for the commercial sector!

4. Multi-family boom – more people are renting, out of choice, not necessity. For developers, this is wonderful news as they continue to create new options.

5. The industrial market is HOT!! – Both of our sister companies APPRO and CERRON have seen evidence of this in Minnesota. Spec buildings under construction is what should be making manufacturers , warehousing businesses and industrial companies smile big.

This was a great article and we are thrilled to share the good news!!

To read the full article in the Real Estate Journal, click HERE.

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