2016 Lakeville Manufacturers Appreciation Reception

Our team had the honor of attending the 2016 Lakeville Manufacturers Appreciation Reception last evening at the Holiday Inn and Suites just off of County Road 70 and I-35 in beautiful Lakeville, Minnesota. 

This is an annual event our entire team looks forward to each October, and this year was no exception. In fact, this year, the City of Lakeville staff worked very hard on an impressive video which summarized the history of the Airlake Industrial Park. The Airlake Industrial Park is our backyard and where we first started our business almost 30 years ago. Thus, this year’s focus on the history of the park is near and dear to our hearts.

In this video, you will learn about the history of Airlake Park and how it has grown to be the second largest industrial park in the state of Minnesota. Additionally, you will see some pictures of and commentary from our fearless leader, Jack Matasosky, which is sure to bring a smile to your face – we know it certainly did for our team!

Simply click on the image below to watch the video, “History of Airlake Industrial Park” created by the team at the City of Lakeville. 



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As we attended last evening’s event, as with each year, we find ourselves grateful to serve our local community over the years and the opportunity this event affords our us and our community to thank all manufacturers and those who are a part of the industrial park (transporters and distributors, too!) for their very important role. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the success of our friends and neighbors in Lakeville, Minnesota!

Our team has been honored to be a part of the growth of the Airlake Industrial Park. Today, we continue to erect new buildings as the park continues to grow. And, our APPRO team is continually helping business owners alter their buildings to meet their ever changing needs through additions, expansions and remodels of their already existing spaces. Likewise, our CERRON team continues to help owners find new space in existing buildings within the park.

Whatever the space need, our team is available to help. If you find that your space needs have changed, we hope that you will consider working with our team.