Determining Your Companies Building Service Needs

Are you looking to remodel or improve your current business space? Are you thinking of constructing a new building? A clear understanding of your needs will save you time and money – think about the following points and analyze what is most important for your company.

  • Business Needs: You may have a vision of what you are looking for but haven’t taken the time to really break down what is a “need”, “want” and “don’t want”. Take the time to write down these three categories and fill them in with as much detail as possible.
  • Financial Reality: Ultimately, the space you expect to create depends on the amount of money available. We have pulled together a few resources that you may find helpful when creating a plan for your new project, preparing to meet with a lender or beginning the financial planning process (see Finance Resources).
  • Location: The physical location of your business is important to you, your employees, suppliers, distributors, and customers. Consider the surrounding area, commuting time and access to public transportation.
  • Size/Features/Appearance/Accessibility: Think about how much space you require. You want a space that is well laid-out, comfortable and welcoming. Depending on your type of business appearance may be very important. Consider all aspects of accessibility from parking and wheelchair access to the proximity of nearby highways.
  • Expandable: If you plan on growing your business you should consider flexibility in your plans for expansion in the future.
  • Security: You never want to be in a position of worrying about the customers or employees safety so think carefully about the security of the neighborhood.
  • Neighbors: It can be important for some businesses to complement each other making it helpful for customers to find a group of related businesses in an area. It also creates potential ties to generate more business.

If you already thought about the above points, have completed drawings and just need a General Contractor to help facilitate the construction of your project APPRO Development can help.

If you don’t have drawings yet for your project, consider a firm that provides Design-Build services such as APPRO Development.

Or maybe you are looking for professional help with the Architectural Design aspect of your project. APPRO Development can assist with this too!

Contact us today to tell us about your upcoming project. We are standing by to learn more about your unique goals and how we can custom build the perfect building or renovate a space for your business.

Check out our Blog in March as we continue to go more in depth on the Tips to Selecting a Reputable, Trustworthy, and Dependable General Contractor. In March, we will go more in depth on Compiling a List of Possible Contractors and Conducting Interviews.