Safety should not be a goal but a requirement.

Many contractors will be eager to get construction projects waiting for the spring thaw off and running with the warmer temperatures approaching. It is very important to keep safety in the front of everybody’s minds.

Review your safety policies and talk with your employees and subcontractors about establishing a safe plan of action for every task they are to perform. Remind them to take into consideration the tasks that are happening around them. These are too often overlooked and can result in serious accidents. If you are elevated and working on a lift or ladder check for other traffic around you. It is good practice to set up some cones and caution tape around you to make yourself more visible to others. These extra steps only take a few minutes to perform and can be the difference between a good day at work or a trip to the ER.

As a business owner looking to find a good contractor with a proven safety record look no further than APPRO Development. It is our belief that “No Task Is More Important Than A Workers Health And Safety” and “If A Task Cannot Be Done Safely It Will Not Be Done”. It is these beliefs and the policies that we have put into place that keep our employees and subcontractors protected from accident and injury.