Innovation’s Golden Age

Raymond Kurzweil on WSJ comments by APPRO Development & CERRON Properties

Innovation’s Golden Age was an interesting post on the Wall Street Journal’s website this week ( At APPRO and CERRON, we are fortunate to work with some very forward thinking companies in MN and ND, and we learn about their businesses as we help them find property solutions to meet their unique needs.

I have come across Ray Kurzweil’s writings and presentations multiple times in the past few years and am intrigued by this innovator, speaker, and futurist. The Wall Street Journal has a spotlight section featuring the greatest innovators of our time and this week’s feature includes commentary by Kurzweil, which can be found at: WSJ Link.

In this short video, Kurzweil describes how quickly technology has changed and the mind baffling rate at which new inventions and innovations are being created. He shares that these inventions have been created within the past century with less time and expense than ever before.

If you find Kurzweil’s comments interesting and want to learn more about his work, this is a link to the TED talks he has given: TED link

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