Meet the APPRO and CERRON Team: Paige Thompson

Meet the APPRO & CERRON Team: Paige Thompson


APPRO and CERRON - Paige Thompson Paige Thompson, 2015

As we start 2015, we would like to introduce you to our team. At least once per month, (and we hope more often), we will share a little about the members of our team.

We drew straws and Paige ended up with the honor of being interviewed first. We hope you have fun learning more about our fabulous expert team at APPRO & CERRON.


Name: Paige Thompson

Role: Bookkeeper, APPRO Development


  • Together, APPRO and CERRON help businesses find and/or create great spaces – what about that do you love?

We make sure that during this exciting time for you and your business, everything runs smoothly. It is fun seeing the whole process, from beginning to end, and to see everyone’s hard work pay off.

  • Describe your role with APPRO in ten words or less.

I take your money – ha, ha just kidding. I make sure everyone is paid timely.

  • Why should someone who doesn’t know APPRO and CERRON, choose our companies?

We share our expertise to help you achieve your goals.

  • What inspires and/or motivates you in what you do with APPRO and CERRON?

Knowing that I’m helping our clients put their business’ dreams into action!

  • What do you do outside of the office for fun?

Sand Volleyball –2014 Prior Lake Beach Champions!

  • What is your favorite quote?

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Anna from Frozen

  • What is your favorite sport (to cheer on, or to play)?

Wii Volleyball

  • Where is one place you have not been, but would really like to go?

Norway and the Grecian Islands


Paige has been a part of the APPRO and CERRON team since May, 2013. She is a team player, quite the “Excel guru”, and greets each day with a knowledgeable, delightful, and calm demeanor. As a property owner, you will meet Paige most often over the phone, or see her work through change orders or sworn construction statements. As a subcontractor, you will work with Paige on lien waivers, and billings. Paige is APPRO’s “go-to gal” for bookkeeping. If you happen to be in our office, be sure to stop by to say hello.