Roof Alert! Avoid Roof Collapse

Roof Alert! Avoid Roof Collapse

Avoid roof Collapse Image Source: by jnaithani via flickr (orignal, no alterations made)

How to avoid roof collapse is an all too serious consideration for commercial property owners. At this time of year – it is important to observe the amount of snow on your facility’s roof. The snow we currently get is very wet and heavy in nature, and can sometimes pile up and exceed the designed structural capacity of the roof system.

This is especially true where “high / low” roof conditions exist – allowing snow to fill in the space next to the wall separating the two heights. The snow tends to melt from the bottom up, refreezing in the form of ice, and not visible due to the snow above. It is not unheard of – to find the lower third of the snow drift is in fact – solid ice.

It is also very important to keep roof drains and downspouts open – as they continuously go through a “freeze / thaw “ process.

A salt lick, purchased from the local hardware or feed store can help drastically. Place the block (s) on a small piece of wood or plywood, near the roof drainage points on your roof.

Watch closely, from the inside of the building for deflection ( sag ) of the roof structure , and observe the roof from above for pooling of water and ice .

If you have any questions or concerns – please call us – and our team at APPRO Development can refer you to competent help with these or any building issues.

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