MN Snow Day – Fun Friday!

MN Snow Day – Fun Friday Facts

MN Snow Day - Do Not Try this at Home Kids… DO NOT try this at home! (Picture Source: A Christmas Story, 1983)

Well, Gov. Dayton has officially declared Monday a “Snow Day” for all schools in the state of Minnesota. So, even though our state’s snow day is due to extremely cold temperatures predicted, around here at the offices of APPRO and CERRON, we wanted to share some of our own snow day fun links:

Top 11 Super Cool Snow Sculptures

12 Face Freezin’ Snow Creations

So, whether you are in the office burning the midnight oil or working from home this coming MN Snow Day, the entire Team at APPRO and CERRON wish you a very Happy, Warm & Safe Snow Day, as we start off the New Year!

P.S. Our offices will be open for business – we are a hearty bunch of Minnesotans after all!!