Anna’s Bananas Daycare Coming Soon to Northfield!

APPRO Development, Inc. is proud to be partnered with Anna of Anna’s Bananas Daycare to introduce her top-of-the-line childcare facility to the city of Northfield. Located at 516 5th Street West, the building was originally constructed as a Montessori School. Its doors closed in 1997 and the building sat vacant for years until recently when Anna purchased this building as the location for her fourth daycare. The building was modified slightly for the interim use of a few offices prior to Anna’s purchase. As such, the layout proved inefficient for use as a daycare and walls were removed and relocated to provide a more comforting and upgraded atmosphere for its future children and employees. Higher quality interior finishes have been selected to elicit feelings of being in a lodge or a more home-like environment. Lots of wood detailing, decorative lighting, and a heavy timber entrance feature carry this image throughout the building. Construction is ongoing, but is anticipated to be complete for an opening in Spring of 2013.

Visit for more information on her four locations, including facility rates, contact info, applications for hiring and an overview of her childcare philosophy. Browse her photo gallery for a peek into her other three locations, and check back to see photos of the new Northfield project. Construction progress photos can also be found on APPRO’s website.

Stay tuned for interior construction progress photos!

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