Design Ideas and Architectural Innovation

Do you ever come across a new idea and find yourself amazed at the creativity of another? I think we have all found ourselves. For us at APPRO, it is what keeps each of us striving for excellence.

At APPRO, we are constantly looking for new ideas to make the buildings we design better for our clients in the Midwest region of Minnesota and North Dakota. In the process, we come across a lot of information and very often we find ourselves marveling at the creative work of others in our field of architectural design and commercial construction. This week, we came across some pretty cool ideas in architecture and design we would like to share, in the hope that you too, might be a little amazed.

The first idea is a simple design for a 45 degree catch hinge. It is just a simple piece of hardware, right? But, if you have ever had your arm caught on a hinge that extends beyond the door, you know why this is such a great design! Click on the picture or the link below to review the full article.

The next innovative architectural idea is a staircase that is both fascinating to look at and inspiring in its origin. With an understanding and appreciation for the architecture of a whale’s spine, the designer of this staircase found inspiration and brought it into the design of this staircase. How cool!

The final item we wanted to share is a new feat for architectural design and construction. “In what will be a world first, Dutch architecture firm Universe Architecture is planning to construct an entire house using a 3D printer” according to a recent article by Angela Fedele, for Architecture Source, 2013. The technology and innovation is awe inspiring and quite a visual marvel. While the commercial construction industry is quite a ways from regularly utilizing this type of technology, the innovation is indeed inspiring.

Inspiration for a new idea can come from anywhere –like changing a piece of metal 45 degrees to further improve an existing product, to marveling at nature’s design and incorporating it into the construction of a building, or being the first to design and build a structure utilizing ground breaking technology. Do you have an innovative design idea you would like to share? Our architectural design team would love to chat with you to find out what inspires you!

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