Meet the APPRO and CERRON Team: Ben Peters, AIA


We would like to introduce you to Ben Peters, who will be working with our CERRON team as an architect. We hope you enjoy learning more about us and our great team at APPRO & CERRON.


Name: Ben Peters, AIA

Role:  Architect,  APPRO Development, Inc.


designing a bakeryThe APPRO and CERRON team helps businesses find and/or create great spaces – what about that do you appreciate or enjoy?

  • I enjoy creating innovative, comfortable, pragmatic spaces.

Describe your role with APPRO and/or CERRON in ten words or less.

  • Architectural design that exceeds the client’s expectations

Why should someone who doesn’t know APPRO and CERRON, choose our companies?

  • Our company has an extensive portfolio of quality work and is committed to having satisfied customers.
What is your earliest memory of selling, designing or building something?
  • When I was 12, my uncle asked me to design the front of a bakery he wanted to open.


What makes our team unique?

  • An extensive background in the Lakeville area with in-house design and construction management from employees with a wide range of experience.

What inspires and/or motivates you in what you do with APPRO & CERRON?

  • I am motivated to be an integral part of this company to sustain and improve their design capabilities.
What do you do outside of the office for fun?
  • I like to create things using photography, painting, 3D renderings and construction.

Building Skyline - Building MaintenanceWhat is something people might be surprised to know about you?

  • My son and I built an airplane shaped like a hamburger for the Red Bull Flugtag several years ago. We pushed it off a 20 foot high ramp into the Mississippi river with 90 thousand people watching, and no, it didn’t fly.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?

  • I was told several times by my previous employer that my design for the client space in our new office was “awesome.”

What is your favorite sport/event (to cheer on or to play)?

  • Forty- Niner Football
Where is one place you have not been, but would really like to go?
  • Barcelona, Spain

We are thrilled to have Ben on our team! He is thoughtful, positive, and very gifted in “all things design.” Ben is indeed an integral part of our team and we value his leadership skills within our organization. We anticipate great results from his many talents and skills to serve our clients in creating unique property solutions.

View more team member links HERE.
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Image sources: Building in thought bubble vector created by macrovector – “>; Abstract skyline of Barcelona vector created by freepik – ; Flying Hamburger Design – Ben Peters.

BTD Lakeville Remodel Project by APPRO Development Inc

BTD Lakeville Remodel Project: Lakeville, MN

BTD Lakeville Remodel Project BTD Lakeville Remodel Project is an excellent exampel by this MN commercial contractor – APPRO Development, Inc. This remodel project at BTD Lakeville includes the renovation of the interior of this industrial facility focusing on an office space remodel by stripping existing finishes and providing new painting, flooring, doors, and ceilings to create a more modern …

Final - Onsite Engineering-Prior Lake-2

Onsite Engineering – Full Design Build Construction Project

ONSITE ENGINEERING, PRIOR LAKE, MN ONSITE ENGINEERING consists of a new 8,000 sq. ft. office/warehouse for a growing forensic engineering company located in Prior Lake, Minnesota.  Insulated precast concrete wall panels with steel roof structure exposed and painted for a “techy” look and feel. Special Considerations Open office plan and two exam rooms for destructive engineering Storage for litigious evidence …

Top Five Lakeville Design Build Articles


Lakeville design build company, APPRO Development, has compiled a “top five” collection of design and architecture related articles of interest.

Over the past week, we have come across numerous articles and posts of interest and thought that many of our readers would enjoy some of the articles on the topic  of design, build, and architecture this week.

This top five list includes:

  • Cool architecture – locally and around the world
  • The impact of Augmented Reality – not just for Pokemon Go!
  • A rivalry between two of Architecture’s Greats
  • and more!


Take a look at the following articles we came across this week. We hope you enjoy digging into the ever-changing topic of design with a sampling of these recently published, interesting articles:

1. Just plain cool architecture

2. Cool Minneapolis St. Paul Office Space @ Ergodyne

3. Modern Architecture’s Intense Rivalry

4. Augmented Reality’s Impact on Construction

5. Trending Restaurant Design (the Modern Burger Joint)


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Architecture in the News


As a design build firm located in the south metro area of Minnesota, we love to hear new ideas in the world of architecture. Recently, we came across a TED Talk on the topic of architecture, and thought it would be a great video to share with our readers. 

According to this recent TED talk by Ole Scheeren, great architecture should be able to tell a story.  Learn more about Scheeren’s ideas on architecture by clicking on the video link below.


Ole Scheeren presents a fascinating TED talk on the importance of thinking of architecture as more than steel and concrete, and considering the people who inhabit these spaces.


See examples of Scheeren’s work and how the human element creates a more complete story in the world of architectural design.


Every organization is unique! And, as such, each architecture story is equally unique. So, what is your organization’s story? Do you find that your space makes sense? Or, maybe over time, you have found it necessary to reinvent your space? Is it time to re-write your architecture story? A little re-inventing or re-writing from time to time can make a world of difference!


Contact our team today and allow us to understand your story and how we might be able to add a verse or a line to your ongoing story!




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Secrets, secrets are no fun… Changes to LEED v4

Changes to LEED v4 – APPRO Architect Casie Radford Discusses Recent LEED Activity


LEEDBuilding-APPRO Development discussion of recent LEED v4 changes LEED Building. Source: Oregon-DOT (Flickr)

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) has been the primary program for certifying the sustainability and “greenness” of buildings for the past 15 years. Now LEED v4 has come out and the focus on the building industry has been expanded to include the manufacturing industry, particularly as it relates to materials and resources. The focus and responsibility is not off the building and construction industry, but will trickle down the line to understand more clearly where and how materials (and the raw materials involved) are manufactured and with what they are manufactured. Sustainability reporting is no longer the exclusive responsibility of the building industry.

Manufacturers and materials suppliers will now have stronger motivation to complete life cycle assessments (LCA) or they could see a decline in demand, as the use of their products for more than just one LEED credit won’t be allowed. Best to take care of LCAs, EPDs, and HPDs (mentioned later), before the requirement goes into full effect and LCAs may be harder to complete in a timely or cost effective manner. Don’t worry though, projects can file under the previous version of LEED up until 2015.

One interesting factoid about the revised credits are that one LEED point can be obtained if a manufacturer of a building product discloses information related to environmental and health impacts – even if it is not environmentally friendly or healthy. I understand the importance of honesty here and also that “transparency drives improvement for business”, but what about the point of LEED in the first place. Isn’t there another way to promote safe materials? Why should a product be rewarded by being honest if not an otherwise LEED credit acceptable material?

Utilizing LCA as a tool to assess products is an important tool for evaluating the true energy and environmental impacts a product has. A new tool created for product assessment is the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) which is a third-party verified LCA. This tool will enable a product to achieve additional points if the impacts to the environment are below industry averages. This goes to show that a peer review is never undervalued. Similar to the transparency point, you can still get one LEED point for just having an EPD.

Supply chain information, for certified wood for example, is often viewed as highly confidential. To achieve a credit for the responsible sourcing of all raw materials; however, manufacturers are required to report extraction locations and supplier commitments for 90% of a product’s raw materials. The aim for LEED is to reward those who already openly disclose and communicate with suppliers to avoid future issues.

LEED v4 will also address hazardous materials by requiring companies to declare every ingredient more than 0.1% (by weight). For declaration alone one LEED point can be achieved, while another point can be had by proving they are dodging hazardous materials as determined by the government. The Health Product Declaration (HPD) has been created as a format for reporting a product’s ingredients.

Have concerns about commercial or industrial building materials or manufacturers; or, want to know more about how LEED has an impact on your next building project? Contact the APPRO Design and Architecture team for more information HERE.

Lakeville High School Career Jamboree (2013)

Lakeville High School Career Jamboree (2013) – Lakeville Community Event

Casie Radford and Kris Bockelman at the 2013 Lakeville High School Career Jamboree

The 2013 Lakeville High School Career Jamboree was a very exciting and well attended event! Three (3) team members from APPRO and CERRON were able to attend the event held on on Monday, November 4, 2013:

  • Casie Radford, APPRO’s architect
  • Kris Bockelman, CERRON’s Commercial Administration Assistant
  • Andrea Kaderlik, Marketing Coordinator for both APPRO and CERRON

Representing both APPRO and CERRON, these team members spoke to many of the 850 Lakeville High School (North and South) juniors who were invited to this event between 2:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. While meeting with the students, we had the opportunity to discuss careers in each of our respective fields of design and architecture, commercial real estate and administration, and sales and marketing.

The students asked many thoughtful questions and hopefully learned about opportunities in the commercial real estate, design, architecture and construction services fields. Many students were surprised to find out the amount of years required to obtain an architectural degree and subsequent license upon visiting with Casie. Students were also curious to find out what a typical day in commercial real estate administration or of a marketer may look like, should they choose to pursue a career in these areas of interest.

Our two sister companies, APPRO and CERRON, were joined by approximately 70 other area businesses including: agriculture, food and natural resources, arts, communication and information systems, business management and administration, engineering, manufacturing and technology, health sciences technology and human services. It was a full house indeed!

The entire team at APPRO Development and CERRON Commercial Properties, is thrilled to be a part of the Lakeville community and to volunteer our time for events like this. We were very encouraged and highly optimistic about the future of our community as a result of conversations with the students with whom we met this week!

Feel free to read more articles about our commitment to and involvement in our local community in the “Community” section of our Blog Page. You may also see the handout we shared with students: 2013 – career jamboree handout-full page. We are grateful to Lakeville (North and South) High School and the Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity to be a part of this fun day! Thank you!



FIREHOUSE GRILLE to open Tuesday, April 23rd in Elko New Market!


Remodel Project at Firehouse Grille Beforeby APPRO Figure 1: Before photo of main dining area

APPRO remodel in south metro restaurant Figure 2: After photo of main dining area.

APPRO Development and our client – the Owners of Firehouse Grille – are extremely proud to present the Grand Opening of their new restaurant tomorrow, April 23rd. The ribbon will be cut and doors open for business starting at 11:00 a.m. So come on down to Elko New Market’s newest culinary hotspot and try some Wildfire Nachos or Firehouse Bites before chowing on one of their Stuffed Burgers, Specialty sandwiches or Entrees such as Walleye or a New York Strip Steak. Enjoy the Firehouse atmosphere and friendly staff for a truly memorable dining experience!

Construction for the interior remodel project on the Firehouse Grille restaurant began in fall of 2012 and was completed this spring. The restaurant is located on Old Town Road off of Highway 2 just west of downtown Elko New Market in the South Metro area.

APPRO & CERRON have been providing property solutions and architectural services to meet the unique needs of each of our clients for more than 25 years in the South Metro area of Minnesota and across North Dakota and Montana. Give us a call today if you’d like to discuss your unique business needs – it would be our honor to help you find the perfect solution for you and make your business and building dreams come true. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Design Ideas and Architectural Innovation

Do you ever come across a new idea and find yourself amazed at the creativity of another? I think we have all found ourselves. For us at APPRO, it is what keeps each of us striving for excellence.

At APPRO, we are constantly looking for new ideas to make the buildings we design better for our clients in the Midwest region of Minnesota and North Dakota. In the process, we come across a lot of information and very often we find ourselves marveling at the creative work of others in our field of architectural design and commercial construction. This week, we came across some pretty cool ideas in architecture and design we would like to share, in the hope that you too, might be a little amazed.

The first idea is a simple design for a 45 degree catch hinge. It is just a simple piece of hardware, right? But, if you have ever had your arm caught on a hinge that extends beyond the door, you know why this is such a great design! Click on the picture or the link below to review the full article.

The next innovative architectural idea is a staircase that is both fascinating to look at and inspiring in its origin. With an understanding and appreciation for the architecture of a whale’s spine, the designer of this staircase found inspiration and brought it into the design of this staircase. How cool!

The final item we wanted to share is a new feat for architectural design and construction. “In what will be a world first, Dutch architecture firm Universe Architecture is planning to construct an entire house using a 3D printer” according to a recent article by Angela Fedele, for Architecture Source, 2013. The technology and innovation is awe inspiring and quite a visual marvel. While the commercial construction industry is quite a ways from regularly utilizing this type of technology, the innovation is indeed inspiring. To read the entire article, click on the picture or the following link:

Inspiration for a new idea can come from anywhere –like changing a piece of metal 45 degrees to further improve an existing product, to marveling at nature’s design and incorporating it into the construction of a building, or being the first to design and build a structure utilizing ground breaking technology. Do you have an innovative design idea you would like to share? Our architectural design team would love to chat with you to find out what inspires you!

APPRO Development, Inc. is a full service design build company with an in house architecture and design team that is ready to create a property solution for you…with you! Contact us today for more information on design ideas for your next commercial building project

Investment Opportunities

At a time of the year when we would normally be a little slower, we are thrilled to find ourselves very busy as we anticipate an amazing 2013!

Right now, we have two very exciting investment opportunities:

The first is a manufacturing facility in Southern Minnesota.

Southern Minnesota Manufacturing Building - Investment Opportunity

The second is an Apartment Complex in North Dakota.

North Dakota Aprtment Complex Investment Opportunity

If you would like more information on either of these opportunities, please contact Jack Matasosky in our office right away at or at 952-469-2171.

The New Year is full of promise and all of us at APPRO Development, Inc. and CERRON Commercial Properties, LLC are looking forward to “Creating Property Solutions For You and With You” in the days and months to come!