Imperial Plastics New Building Project Breaks Ground in Mankato MN

Imperial Plastics New Building Project Breaks Ground in Mankato MN

Imperial Plastics Groundbreaking Norman Oberto, Owner of Imperial Plastics, address the crowd of approximately 50 gathered for the ceremony.

APPRO Development, Inc. and CERRON Commerical Properties, LLC are pleased to announce the official Imperial Plastics New Building Project Breaks Ground in Mankato MN on Thursday, August 1, 2013. Surrounded by family, employees, City of Mankato staff & board, Greater Mankato Chamber, financial, legal, real estate, building, architectural and accounting professionals, Imperial Plastics’ owner, Norman Oberto, greeted the crowd and shared his vision for not just this new additional location for his business, but for the growth of his company. Mayor Anderson, City Manager, Pat Hentges, APPRO and CERRON’s Jack Matasosky, and Jonathan Zierdt from the Greater Mankato Chamber rounded out the ceremony with words of esteem and gratitude at the occasion of the start of a new building in the City of Mankato’s Eastwood Energy Center.

This 124,368 square foot building will be the fourth, and largest, facility for Imperial Plastics in Minnesota. CERRON, commercial real estate broker, helped to secure the site for Imperial and APPRO is the acting design build contractor for this new and exciting project.

  • More details of the building project can be found on APPRO’s Current Project Page, HERE (includes many more pictures of groundbreaking & current progress at this building site).
  • Read more about this project in the Mankato Free Press, by linking, HERE.
  • To learn more about Imperial Plastics, you may visit their website by linking HERE.

APPRO Development, Inc. and CERRON Commercial Properties, LLC have been assisting clients like Imperial Plastics for more than 25 years, across Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. If you have been thinking about adding onto your existing building, need to make some small updates or changes, or are thinking about building a new facility – our team of experts is here to help. To get the ball rolling, you may contact Jack Matasosky at to discuss your unique situation.

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Jack Matasosky, APPRO Development & CERRON Properties with Jonathan Zierdt, Greater Mankato Chamber President Jack Matasosky, APPRO Development & CERRON Properties with Jonathan Zierdt, Greater Mankato Chamber President

Lunch Reception at Imperial Plastics Groundbreaking, August 1, 2013 Lunch Reception at Imperial Plastics Groundbreaking, August 1, 2013

APPRO Development & CERRON Commercial Properties Groundbreaking in Mankato, MN Norman Oberto joined by APPRO, CERRON, Mankato Mayor Anderson, Council Member Karen Foreman, Kristin Prososki, and Tim Lidstrom

Greater Mankato Chamber Cerificate Presentation to Norman Oberto of Imperial Plastics Greater Mankato Chamber Cerificate Presentation to Norman Oberto of Imperial Plastics



















A special thank you to the Greater Mankato Ambassadors for attending this event and also for sharing photos taken at the groundbreaking event (most of which can be found on this and our blog page). To learn more about the Greater Mankato Growth Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development, you may click HERE to access their website.

APPRO Development Client Awarded Manufacturer of the Year

General contractor commercial construction at Quality Ingredients by APPRO DevelopmentAPPRO Development Client Awarded Manufacturer of the Year! We are blessed to work with some great clients, and sometimes their work is recognized by their peers for their excellence.

Please click on the attached link to see an article about an APPRO Development client who was named 2013 Manufacturer of the Year.

Quality Ingredients Corporation – In the News

APPRO offers our congratulations to Quality Ingredients Corporation!

For more than 25 years, APPRO Development, Inc. has been working with the best manufacturers and business owners in Minnesota and North Dakota. If you need advice on development, building, or commercial real estate, please don’t hesitate to contact our team – we love what we do and are driven to understand your needs and exceed your goals and expectations.

Airlake Industrial Park – A Blast from the Past!

Airlake Industrial Park in Dakota County, Minnesota, is a part of who we are – for APPRO Development, it is part of our history, it is where we work, where we build, and where we have served many of our clients for more than a quarter of a century! While we were recently going through our archived photos and redesigning our website, we came across a copy of a presentation that was given at the 2004 Manufacturers’ Appreciation Event, hosted by the City of Lakeville, MN. We thought others might enjoy seeing their buildings in this blast from the past!


At APPRO Development, Inc. and CERRON Commercial Properties, LLC, we are proud of our history and our contributions to the fellow business owners in the Airlake Industrial Park of Lakeville, MN. As our company’s mission statement proclaims, “we have a passion for understanding what is important to your business, with an expert staff that is driven to provide comprehensive property solutions, to exceed your goals and expectations!” If you have a commercial property question, feel free to Contact Us anytime, we are always available to chat with you.
Enjoy the flashback!

Investment Opportunities

At a time of the year when we would normally be a little slower, we are thrilled to find ourselves very busy as we anticipate an amazing 2013!

Right now, we have two very exciting investment opportunities:

The first is a manufacturing facility in Southern Minnesota.

Southern Minnesota Manufacturing Building - Investment Opportunity

The second is an Apartment Complex in North Dakota.

North Dakota Aprtment Complex Investment Opportunity

If you would like more information on either of these opportunities, please contact Jack Matasosky in our office right away at or at 952-469-2171.

The New Year is full of promise and all of us at APPRO Development, Inc. and CERRON Commercial Properties, LLC are looking forward to “Creating Property Solutions For You and With You” in the days and months to come!


Happy Thanksgiving from APPRO and CERRON

This season we are thankful for so much! At APPRO and CERRON, this Thanksgiving, we are grateful for our long time friends and colleagues in the Airlake Industrial Park, Lakeville, and the South Metro region of Minnesota, as well as our friends in Tioga, Williston, and Minot, North Dakota, who have helped contribute to our success over the past 25 years.

As I think about the early pilgrims, I think about the celebration of hard working people who came together to share their blessings with one another. They were a team that worked hard to build a new life and then celebrated their triumph over some pretty tough times.

Every day, our team has an opportunity to help our clients serve others. Whether they are making medical instruments to save lives, durable plastics for products to make life easier, providing nourishing food for our nation and the world, or providing the packaging for those products , we are grateful for our role of providing the building solutions to meet each of those unique needs.

As you sit down and celebrate your Thanksgiving meal with friends and family, we hope you will know that we are grateful for you and the role you have played over the years!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at APPRO and CERRON!

P.S. We thought you might find the following Thanksgiving Facts fun to share with friends and family this year: Enjoy!

Now might be the right time to build or expand your manufacturing, commercial, or industrial facility in Minnesota. The 20-year averaged effective SBA 504 Rate has dropped!

According to the SBA (as published by SPEDCO – August 10, 2010), “the new SBA 504 interest rate is so low that even Tiger Woods is jealous: the 20-year averaged effective rate for the month of August is 4.931%! The 10-year averaged effective rate remains at 4.169% – these rates are all-time historic lows!”

Contact APPRO Development to learn more about financial planning for your commercial, industrial, or manufacturing project. As a design build general contractor, we can help with your expansion plans!

Growing Optimism in the Manufacturing Field Means It’s Time To Think About LEED/Green Building Updates

Make sure your manufacturing or industrial building is as efficient as possible by having Lakeville, MN APPRO Development make it LEED/Green Certified.

A recent article published in the July issue of the fedgazette (a publication of the Federal Reserve Bank – Ninth District), relayed that despite uncertainty, moderate economic growth is expected for the manufacturing industry.

“While manufacturing employment was down from a year ago, output turned positive during 2010 in Minnesota and the Dakotas, as shown in survey results released by Creighton University. The improvement in manufacturing is also made evident by the increase in the number of hours worked by manufacturing employees. Since April 2009, hours worked increased in all district states except Montana.

The data suggest that manufacturers are boosting output through longer hours instead of hiring new workers. A similar trend is beginning to appear among nonfarm workers nationally.

Not only is staff working more hours per week, but they are producing more per hour worked. During the first quarter of 2010, national productivity levels for nonfarm employees increased more than 6 percent compared with a year earlier, the largest gain since 2002.” (Grundewald, Madden, 22)²

With the positive outlook for those in the manufacturing industry, now is the perfect time to ensure that manufacturing buildings are updated and efficient for both work output and employee health. Oftentimes, remodeling existing facilities to include efficient Green or LEED features has enhanced employee satisfaction and productivity.

Learn more about the benefits of LEED/GREEN building development and remodeling here.