Looking to Grow Your Small Business?

Trustworthy small business resources in MN by APPRO and CERRON Curious Puppy by Ashley Linn Trann

Looking to grow your small business? Or, looking for information to start a new business? APPRO and CERRON have the resources you need. In today’s age of electronics, instant gratification, and information on demand, whatever you can Google, can be found in a matter of seconds. But, how do you know if the answer is trustworthy? I love that insurance company commercial where two friends are talking on the sidewalk with the message, “if it is on the internet, it MUST be true” as her “French model” boyfriend (who she met online) walks up. So, how do we really know what to believe and who to trust?

As much as we have adopted many electronic resources at APPRO and CERRON, we continue to value our personal relationships with trusted resources and advisors. With that said, we would like to share some of these trusted resources with you to help you grow your business. Do your research online, and then plan a meeting in person to get the help you need.

Business Planning:

  • Open to Business
  • SCORE (this link goes to the National site and allows you to find a chapter closest to you)
  • SBA

Local Chambers of Commerce:


  • SBA Small business loans and financing options
  • SPEDCO Local SBA lending resource

{{cta(‘edaec547-e418-4730-960a-c7c47c8cfbdf’)}}For additional Resources, please feel free to visit our company’s website Resource Page for additional links to help your business grow!

At APPRO and CERRON, we have been working hard for more than 25 years to earn the trust of each of our clients. We have been here and will continue to be here as a trusted resource for all of your property solution needs. If you are looking for more helpful information for your business, please feel free to sign up for our monthly E-Newsletter.

APPRO Development Client Awarded Manufacturer of the Year

General contractor commercial construction at Quality Ingredients by APPRO DevelopmentAPPRO Development Client Awarded Manufacturer of the Year! We are blessed to work with some great clients, and sometimes their work is recognized by their peers for their excellence.

Please click on the attached link to see an article about an APPRO Development client who was named 2013 Manufacturer of the Year.

Quality Ingredients Corporation – In the News

APPRO offers our congratulations to Quality Ingredients Corporation!

For more than 25 years, APPRO Development, Inc. has been working with the best manufacturers and business owners in Minnesota and North Dakota. If you need advice on development, building, or commercial real estate, please don’t hesitate to contact our team – we love what we do and are driven to understand your needs and exceed your goals and expectations.

Redesigning MN: If We Engage People in Shaping Programs, We’ll All Be Better Off

Redesigning MN

By Jack Matasosky

For more than a year, I have been a part of a group of Lakeville leaders – business owners, clergy, nonprofit leaders, elected officials and others – working with 360 Communities to think differently about how our community meets its most public needs. Above all, we’re focused on finding new ways to deliver early childhood education so that our community’s programs and services are reaching more children and getting better outcomes.

We’re redesigning the early childhood education ecosystem in Lakeville to make it work better within the dollars available, even as the demand for service continues to grow, and that’s no easy feat.

But our community is rising to the challenge of thinking differently about our early childhood programs. It’s an exciting adventure to be a part of.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a meeting that brought together representatives from a broad cross-section of Lakeville early childhood programs collectively identify how we could reach more people with our existing programs. The meeting, convened by 360 Communities in partnership with InCommons, an initiative of the Bush Foundation, was the beginning of a six-month process to get our community focused on improving early childhood education and focusing on outcomes. Film crews for Redesigning MN were on-hand to capture our community-driven conversation as a local-level example of the conversations that need to take place to redesign our public services.

Our community-driven effort has continued to move forward in the weeks since this event. We’re thinking about how to make sure every child in need has access to the early childhood education programs that can help them thrive in school, and how to ensure that every Lakeville parent knows about these opportunities offered by our existing network of community supports. And we’re thinking about how we can improve the programs offered to ensure that every Lakeville child enters Kindergarten on track for success.

As a long-time resident of Lakeville, it’s invigorating to see our community coming together – people from the business and faith communities, educators, parents, and other residents – to create better opportunities for our youngest residents. I know that we’re all committed to creating a better future for Lakeville, and thoughtful conversations like the event convened by 360 Communities and InCommons are equipping us to find that shared vision and craft a collective approach to redesigning our early childhood education programs.

At the end of the day, change needs to be driven by the families that need help. We can’t fit people into programs. We need to engage them in these opportunities – and we’ll all be better off for it.

That’s what we’re trying to do in Lakeville, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Are You Considering Purchasing Commercial Office Space?

By Dan Huntington

If you are considering purchasing commercial office space, there are a number of things you will want to consider.

First of all, surround yourself with a great team

According to Inc.com, “As a small business owner, you’re most likely not a commercial real estate expert. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with the right team of experts. They can help you determine the right time to buy or sell, the right locations to consider, and the nuts and bolts of closing the deal. Here are some of the experts you may consider contacting:

  • Accountant. An accountant can help you figure out what your business can afford and analyze the tax and operating budget benefits.
  • Lawyer. A lawyer can help you complete the transaction, negotiating with the seller and lender on your behalf.
  • Commercial broker. A real estate broker can help you identify potential properties and what you can afford.
  • Mortgage broker. A lender or mortgage broker will help you sort through financing options, from bank loans to those guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration, such as the Certified Development Company (CDC) 504 Program, used to finance primarily real estate or equipment”

Then, Identify the RIGHT Property…Consider the Location, Physical condition, Allowable uses, Limitations on exterior and interior, Adequacy of access and parking, Opportunity for expansion or leasing, and Physical condition (Inc.com).

This is one example of the many listings CERRON Commercial Properties has available for purchase. This property is now available for Sale – buy the entire property or one of three (3) office condos available.

Office space for sale in Burnsville MN

2430, 2434, 2438 117th Street East, Burnsville, MN 55337

To read the entire Inc.com article, go to: http://www.inc.com/guides/2010/07/how-to-purchase-commercial-real-estate.html