Airlake Industrial Park – A Blast from the Past!

Airlake Industrial Park in Dakota County, Minnesota, is a part of who we are – for APPRO Development, it is part of our history, it is where we work, where we build, and where we have served many of our clients for more than a quarter of a century! While we were recently going through our archived photos and redesigning our website, we came across a copy of a presentation that was given at the 2004 Manufacturers’ Appreciation Event, hosted by the City of Lakeville, MN. We thought others might enjoy seeing their buildings in this blast from the past!


At APPRO Development, Inc. and CERRON Commercial Properties, LLC, we are proud of our history and our contributions to the fellow business owners in the Airlake Industrial Park of Lakeville, MN. As our company’s mission statement proclaims, “we have a passion for understanding what is important to your business, with an expert staff that is driven to provide comprehensive property solutions, to exceed your goals and expectations!” If you have a commercial property question, feel free to Contact Us anytime, we are always available to chat with you.
Enjoy the flashback!