Pan-O-Prog – Lakeville, MN: Flashback Thursday!

Pan-O-Prog is going on in Lakeville, MN – Check Out our Flashback Thursday pics!

Pan-O-Prog Time - Flashback to Airlake Industrial Park - Maynard JohnsonPan-oProg is an annual community event in Lakeville, Minnesota – starting way back in 1967! APPRO has been around for more than 27 years, with ties to the Airlake Industrial Park, dating back to the mid-1960’s. We have a few great flashback photos for you to enjoy from that era, just about the time Pan-O-Prog got its start!

Jack Matasosky, our fearless leader at APPRO Development & CERRON Commercial Properties, started working with Hitchcock Industries back in 1978. Hitchcock Industries started the Airlake Industrial Park (originally located in what is now the Aircraft Resource Center (ARC) building). We thought it would be fun to share a few of the many pictures we have from around that time, including the parade float, ribbon cutting at the Airlake Airport (be sure to get out there this weekend to see the WWII military aircraft), and a couple of pics of Maynard Johnson, original co-founder of Hitchcock Industries. Most of these pictures are circa 1966-1967.

Be sure to check out the festivities going on now through Sunday, July 13th to celebrate the Panorama of Progress – “Pan-O-Prog” – happening all around Lakeville, MN. If you get the chance, be sure to stop out the Airlake Airport to see the planes. Our company had the good fortune to be there from the start, and has helped to build some of the original hangars you will see there, as well as the buildings in the Airlake Industrial Park you will pass on your way to the airport.

We hope you enjoy the flashback as much as we did!

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