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SCHOOL HOUSE SQUARE HASTINGS MN School House Square Hastings MN is a 28,400 sq. ft. development of restaurant, retail and office spaces in historic downtown Hastings, Minnesota. The first floor of the project includes space for a Green Mill restaurant, Dunn Brothers Coffee, and other retail spaces. Law and insurance offices utilize the second floor space. Design of the project …

Retail and office redevelopment project for Premier Bank - Hastings-1 by APPRO Development

Retail and Office Redevelopment Project: Premier Bank, Hastings, MN

Phase 2 for Premier Bank – Retail and Office Redevelopment Project Retail and office redevelopment “Phase two” is complete for a project in the historic district of Hastings, Minnesota.  Premier Bank’s Phase 2 building is a 3-story, 22,305 square foot building.  Brick exterior with careful thought given to features that would replicate details from past buildings on the site.  Planning for …

Manufacturing Trends to be Thankful For in MN

Manufacturing Trends

2014 Predictions in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Trends to be Thankful For is an article we read this morning in the online publication of Industry Week. All of us, in MN or the Midwest for that matter, who are either in the manufacturing industry or have close ties to the manufacturing industry, are eager to see what the days of 2014 will bring. According to this article, “Favorable Forecast: Five Manufacturing Trends to Be Thankful For” by John Mills as published in Industry Week (online), 2014 might just prove to be year for which to be thankful!

According to the article, the following are the top five trends to watch this year:

  1. Improvements in 3-D printers
  2. Business returning from China
  3. More ‘real-time’ enterprises
  4. The rise of the project economy
  5. More access to data

As Mills states, “no one has perfect foresight” and it certainly would be nice if we did! However, in the meantime, by measuring trends and current data available, we are optimistic for our colleagues in the manufacturing industry. We hope 2014 results in the optimistic forecast, as it benefits not only MN, ND, WI, IA, SD, MT in the Midwest, but our great nation as well!

APPRO Development is a general contractor specializing in property solutions for manufacturers across the Midwest for more than 27 years. APPRO assists business owners find optimal property solutions that may result in renovations, expansions, additions or new commercial buildings to meet the ever changing needs of the manufacturing industry in Lakeville (55044), Apple Valley(55124), Burnsville(55337), Eagan(55123), Hastings(55033), and all of Dakota, Scott, Rice, Carver, Ramsey and Hennepin counties as well as Mankato and surrounding communities of Blue Earth in Minnesota. If your commercial or industrial space needs are changing as the result of a great 2014, contact our team today to help you minimize impacts to your manufacturing schedule, meet your budget requirements, and assist you in making 2014 a great year!